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The Pioneer BDR-101A Blu-ray recorder
$1000 burning a hole in your pocket?

For those who cannot wait to get on the Blu-ray train, Pioneer's BDR-101A PC Blu-ray recorder is just starting to trickle into the retail channel.  Tiger Direct has just listed the BDR-101A for sale at a mere $999.99.  Many analysts had speculated that Pioneer would drop the price of the BDR-101A significantly after NEC and Toshiba both announced PC HD-DVD recorders for under $500. 

The HD-DVD camp currently does not have a recordable device, nor media, but Toshiba currently has the only next-generation set top player available on the retail market, the HD-DVD Toshiba HD-A1 -- though the Sony Blu-ray BDP-S1 player is also expected to show up at your local Fry's, eventually.

Pioneer announced the device several months ago at the Consumer Electronics Expo 2006 in Las Vegas.  Recordable media was announced a few weeks ago, with single layer 25GB once-recordable discs checking in at $48, and re-recordable discs coming in at $60.

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RE: Blu-ray must win
By Gatt on 5/19/2006 2:26:37 AM , Rating: 2
Um, just have to point out, film can easily be converted to 1080p, 2k, or even 4k resolution...

Plus the only movies filmed on digital camera's are Star Wars episode 2 and 3, and maybe one of Cameron's "Documentaries". I don't think any others have been filmed on Digital.

And IIRC the camera's used for SW 3 were 1080p capable, I think only the episode 2 ones weren't.

RE: Blu-ray must win
By abhaxus on 5/19/2006 4:47:20 AM , Rating: 2
I was about to do the math and say that your "4k" numbers were inaccurate... then I did the math and realized that you are right. 2,070,000,000 pixels * 16 = 32mpixels, which is approximately the resolution of film.

Would be interested to see the equipment used to create a 32 megapixel scan of those frames... or the massive room full of servers required to store one minute of video...

I personally can't wait to see 1080p HD-DVD with true 1080p output... there is a fair amount of debate that with good 3:2 and 2:3 processing on the HD-DVD player and TV that there is nothing lost for a 24p film source converted to 1080i, but I would still like to see it. We've got a 60" SXRD running Last Samurai and Apollo 13 in HD-DVD with their 480p versions on the TV next to it, and the difference is astounding. I work for a small electronics retailer and we've sold 50-60 of the HD-XA1s (the more expensive player) as a company (16 stores). Most of my customers are waiting for the cheaper version.

Can't wait for HD-DVD readers for the PC so I can justify the purchase of a 24" 1200p flatpanel and a drive :p

RE: Blu-ray must win
By Zoomer on 5/19/2006 7:31:26 AM , Rating: 2
Stamped media costs is not even a good fraction of the cost of recordable media!!!

"Let's face it, we're not changing the world. We're building a product that helps people buy more crap - and watch porn." -- Seagate CEO Bill Watkins

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