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The new operating system is named after the North America's "big cat", the cougar, which is sometimes referred to as a "Mountain Lion".  (Source: HD Wallpapers)
Apple's latest PC OS gets even more iOS-like

Sources: Engadget, Loop Insight, The Verge, Apple [Messages beta]

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RE: Oh goody...
By hexxthalion on 2/17/2012 1:59:09 PM , Rating: 2
nope, it's the other way around, brining iOS features to Mac. All iOS 'features' in Mountain Lion are:

- notification centre - was needed
- reminders - was part of calendar and standalone app makes more sense
- notes as standalone app - is part of email app currently)
- messages - updated iChat client with support for iMessage
- share facility - nice to have this, makes sharing simpler
- twitter integration and flickr and vimeo for that matter, APIs will be available for 3rd party support
- did I forget something?

I really don't see this as OS X is becoming iOS. it's more giving iOS users more familiar interface on Mac and also ability to work/use basic set of apps on both platforms and are synced via iCloud.

RE: Oh goody...
By hexxthalion on 2/17/2012 2:03:00 PM , Rating: 2
forgot Airplay

what's still missing is iBooks and I don't know why

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