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The iPad 3's big feature will be Retina Display

Rumors regarding the iPad 3's introduction and release dates began circulating back in December, with many suspecting that the iPad 2 successor would make an appearance in February 2012. However, All Things D has reported that an event to introduce the iPad 3 will take place during the first week of March.

The iPad 3 event will be held in San Francisco, California during the first week of March, according to All Things D. Some suspect that Apple will present its latest tablet at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, where Apple usually makes its huge product announcements.

The iPad 3, which is still not the confirmed name of the tablet, is expected to resemble the iPad 2 as far as shape and size, but differ as far as what's under the hood. The big difference will be the Retina Display, offering a 2048x1536 pixel screen, which is just over 3 megapixels.

While the Retina Display update is a sure thing, many other possible features are up-in-the-air at this point. There are questions floating around in regards to whether the iPad 3 will have a dual or quad-core processor, for instance. The Verge reported that a dual-core processor is the likely answer after supposed iPad 3 back-shell photos leaked, but Bloomberg reported the opposite, claiming the iPad 3 will have a quad-core chip and LTE capabilities.

Other questions remain, such as whether the iPad 3 will have the digital assistant Siri included as well as NFC, an updated camera, and a 128 GB option.

While the iPad 3's features are uncertain to the public for now, questions won't go unanswered for long as Apple prepares for its March introduction. In fact, Apple is currently scrambling to gather apps for the tablet's debut next month.

According to CNET, Apple typically takes its sweet time picking out the perfect apps to show off during introductory events. However, that doesn't seem to be the case this time, as Apple is reportedly in "crunch mode" to find the best apps that show off the new Retina Display. Apple isn't strictly concerned with apps for the debut, though; it's also working to send its best apps to advertising agency TWBA/Chiat/Day for its iPad 3 commercials.

So far, there's no set date for the release of the iPad 3, but if the iPad 3 is anything like the iPad 2, it will launch about a week or so after the debut event in March.

The iPad 3 launch may be exactly what Apple needs after a tough start to 2012. Last month, The New York Times released its second installment to its iEconomy series, which focused on the poor treatment of workers at Apple's suppliers in China. The report, which cited issues like working long hours with extended overtime, poor working conditions that have led to explosions, and crowded living spaces, drew plenty of attention from both Apple and the public.

Apple CEO Tim Cook blasted the report, saying that Apple cares about each and every worker employed by its overseas suppliers. However, his speech didn't seem to sway the public. Just yesterday, social activist groups and organized demonstrations in front of key Apple stores around the globe to protest Apple's lack of empathy for the workers in factories like Foxconn.

Apple is also facing other issues, such as trouble over its use of its name "iPad," which could possibly ban the tablet in China.

Sources: All Things D, CNET, 9 To 5 Mac, Reuters

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Should be interesting
By tayb on 2/10/2012 9:56:06 AM , Rating: 2
I picked up the original iPad on craigslist a few months after the iPad 2 came out for a bargain price and I have actually been surprised how much use I've had from it. Netflix, random games, and random web surfing. I haven't seen any reason at all to upgrade to an iPad 2 but a quad core, LTE, and 2048x1560 screen iPad 3 looks pretty nice.

The thing that will really sway the decision to upgrade is iOS 6. They really need to do something with the iPad version of iOS. It's stale compared to ICS. iOS5 works well on a phone but a blown up 2048x1560 resolution needs a major overhaul. It's dated and the "status bar" doesn't do much for me.

Hopefully they'll demo iOS 6 when they release it otherwise I'll hold off upgrading my tablet at all until I see a demo. If iOS 6 doesn't impress it will be off to whatever the latest Asus tablet is!

RE: Should be interesting
By Amedean on 2/10/2012 9:55:42 AM , Rating: 2
And I just bought an iPad2. My only complaint is the weak camera which I need for lectures. I hope the next version has something way better!

RE: Should be interesting
By quiksilvr on 2/10/2012 10:11:18 AM , Rating: 4
Couldn't you just get one and plug it into the USB port--awww....

RE: Should be interesting
By tayb on 2/10/12, Rating: 0
RE: Should be interesting
By tayb on 2/10/2012 11:02:14 AM , Rating: 1
I answered my own question, sort of. It seems there is an adapter you can buy to plug flash drives and the like into your phone or tablet but I haven't seen anything on how to do it. You would have to be in "host mode" of some sort to accept input that way and I see no such option. Maybe it's root only?

Can anyone expand on this? That's pretty cool if possible.

RE: Should be interesting
By Denigrate on 2/10/2012 12:07:52 PM , Rating: 2
The point is that many Adroid Tablets have USB ports. Full size USB ports at that.

RE: Should be interesting
By tayb on 2/10/2012 12:16:23 PM , Rating: 1
I know. It doesn't really matter though if the OS can't act as a host for file transfer. I haven't really seen an answer to this question yet. I can plug a flash drive into my Droid X via an adapter but how do I transfer the files? There is no "host mode."

RE: Should be interesting
By StevoLincolnite on 2/10/2012 2:14:57 PM , Rating: 3
I'm not sure how to do it on iOS or Android...
But my Windows 7 (Got Windows 8 Developer preview on it right now) tablet just lets me simply drag and drop. :)

RE: Should be interesting
By V-Money on 2/10/2012 3:08:36 PM , Rating: 2
Its technically possible, but you have to play around a bit to get it to work. For instance, I have a Nexus One so I would have to do this...
And for those of you out there with a Nexus S, Captivate, or Galaxy S you can do this...

RE: Should be interesting
By spread on 2/10/2012 12:04:27 PM , Rating: 2
I've seen this done with Canon DSLRs, so I don't see why not? As long as you have the proper drivers to interface with the camera.

Check it:

RE: Should be interesting
By tayb on 2/10/2012 12:18:16 PM , Rating: 2
That is awesome and essentially answers my question. Badass. It must just be the version of Android I'm running that limits me.

RE: Should be interesting
By Commodus on 2/10/2012 10:10:59 AM , Rating: 3
First: there's a camera connector kit.

Second: why use an archaic way of getting the photos on that way when you can get a Wi-Fi camera instead? Canon's new Elph 320/520 have an app that will let you get the shots almost immediately.

RE: Should be interesting
By Reclaimer77 on 2/10/2012 10:35:09 AM , Rating: 1
Right why use USB when you can buy a $300+ wifi camera along with your $500 iPad just to get some pictures going!? I mean, right? Brilliant!

Also maybe you haven't noticed, but the stand alone digital camera industry is slowly dying.

RE: Should be interesting
By MrBlastman on 2/10/2012 11:18:28 AM , Rating: 2
Or... Why bother with a camera or ipad at all? I mean, you're at a lecture--why not just pay attention to it and exercise your brain and record it mentally? Why waste time watching it twice when you can remember it once and play it back in your mind during the test?

Life is to be lived, to be experienced--not to be recorded.

RE: Should be interesting
By geddarkstorm on 2/10/2012 2:55:14 PM , Rating: 2
A tablet would be perfect for note taking! Would have saved space over all those mounds of binders I made. But recording lecture instead of keeping it in your head? You won't really learn that way, let alone remember--just like how GPSes reduce spatial memory performance in people who rely on them too much.

How right you are.

RE: Should be interesting
By Mitch101 on 2/10/2012 10:10:56 AM , Rating: 2
I feel the same but I bought a $150.00 HP Tablet and see no reason to get anything else. The only thing I use it for is e-books and thats rare. My kids might play a game while in the car and watch a movie but haven't had any real use for it.

With SSD's making laptops incredibly fast I actually see myself as more of a SSD notebook person. SSD's make booting a non issue to wait a few seconds.

RE: Should be interesting
By kmmatney on 2/10/2012 11:22:22 AM , Rating: 2
If they put in a camera that's anywhere close to the quality of the 4S camera, then your good to go. I have to say a retina display on a screen the size of the iPad should be incredible. What they really need to do is support better scaling for iPhone Apps - it could be a lot better even with the current iPad resolution.

RE: Should be interesting
By zephyrprime on 2/14/2012 3:08:38 PM , Rating: 2
That's not gonna happen. The ipad is still too space contrained and it probably just uses cell phone camera modules. It's probably already got a top of the line cell phone camera module. Until quantum top image sensors become common, don't expect a big improvement in tablet cameras. And it still wouldn't be that much of an improvement. For taking pictures of board notes, you really need an optical zoom so get a camera.

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