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Google is a close ally of the President and he's not above plugging it's social network

President Obama is perhaps the most technology-savvy president to date.  While the POTUS (President of the United States) has made plenty of controversial stands [1][2][3] over his presidency, he has made some changes that should be unilaterally welcomed and commended, such as the We the People White House webpage [press release], which allows citizens to create petitions directed at the White House and Congress.

The President has a special love for Google Inc. (GOOG), whom he appointed his official "video secretary".  Aside from broadcasting State of the Union addresses on YouTube, something that would surely give the Founding Fathers cause to chuckle, and pushing legislation via YouTube, he's also gotten into Google+ of late.

Google+ is Google's social network rival to the ubiquitous Facebook.  Unlike the Facebook's privacy-be-you-know-what policies, Google+ focuses on discretely sharing content with select circles of friends.

Today at 5:30 President Obama will host a "hangout" answering questions he's received in the past couple weeks on his YouTube channel.  

Google+ Hangout
A Google+ Hangout [Image Source: webbROI]

The President promises to answer the top rated questions, but the chat will likely provoke controversy, if previous chats on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are any indication.  In those prior sessions some accused the President of dodging the highest rated questions -- many of which were admittedly "tough" -- instead cherry-picking "layup" questions that were easy to answer and/or made him look good.

The President's support of Google also raises some eyebrows given Google's clever use of the "Double Irish" and "Dutch Sandwich" (legal) tax evasion strategies, funneling money through Ireland, the Netherlands and Bermuda, courtesy of federal loopholes, to avoid paying federal income taxes on its profits.  These strategies reportedly saved Google $1B USD in 2011 and cut the company's effective tax rate to 18.8 percent, far less than the standard 35-40 most small businesses pay on earnings.

Google officially raised almost a million dollars for the President's election bid.

This follows in the line of other key corporate friends of the President, such as General Electric Comp. (GE) -- a more extreme tax evader who made $14B USD in profit in 2010, yet received a tax refund of $3.2B USD back from the federal government.  Obama appointed GE CEO Jeff Immelt to lead his jobs board -- which helps decide federal tax policy -- also in 2010.

Obama also appointed John Doerr and (Intel Corp. (INTC) CEO) Paul Otellini to his jobs council -- both of whom are board members at Google.

Google is known for its informal corporate motto "Don't be evil."

Sources: Google+, Bloomberg, CNN

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RE: blah blah blah
By Darksurf on 1/31/2012 9:32:47 AM , Rating: 2
Romney isn't trust worthy. All he does is flip-flop. He says hes going to do one thing then does the opposite. Hes not the solid rock stand his ground guy that I want in the white house. For example, right now he claims hes against gay marriage and claims he always has been. Many of his claims he later contradicts and claims the other! He isn't trustworthy and hes too easy a target of attack.

I'm against gay marriage. Marriage is a religious thing that has been integrated into the world of government. No matter how the cookie crumbles the whole point and beginning of marriage says gay marriage is WRONG. I'm not against gays being together, but legal marriages are out of the question.

Everyone of the Candidates have their faults. They are human, not idols. But Romney is proving to adapt to situations through lies and flip flops. At least Newt is willing to stand his ground. Santorum isn't bad either, but I'm afraid he won't make it.

RE: blah blah blah
By Iaiken on 1/31/2012 10:15:01 AM , Rating: 2
I'm against gay marriage.

There are numerous Christian churches that allow for it even though it is incompatible with the scripture. These include numerous Anglican, Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Presbyterian and churches that will not only marry people, but ordain non-celibate gay and lesbian members to be ordained as ministers.

How do you reconcile free religion and the separation of church and state with the practices of these churches? Are they to be forbidden from carrying on and therefor not subject to the free practice of their religion?

I'm not against gays being together, but legal marriages are out of the question.

How do you reconcile the recognition of of a religious institution such as marriage, but not the legal civil union of two members of the same sex? In my eyes, the federal government should either recognize both, or recognize neither.

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