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GM now working on making Volt image better

GM is hard at work on fixing the tarnished image of the Volt after the fire investigation. The Volt drama started when a crash tested vehicle caught fire three weeks after being tested while sitting in the parking lot of a government test facility. The fire was large enough to damage vehicles nearby.
GM's CEO was called to testify before a House panel as part of the investigation into the fire and the methods in which the fire was disclosed. The day after the testimony was given; GM has acknowledged that the fire investigation had an impact on sales. GM started airing a new commercial on TV stations around the country that focuses on the Volt in an effort to improve the car's image.
The new commercial is called "Morning in Hamtramck." Hamtramck is the city where the Volt is constructed and is a suburb of Detroit. The commercial sees the Volts rolling down an assembly line on the main street of Hamtramck. The commercial touts the Volt as "the car that America had to build" and the commercial says that GM built the car for "for our town, for our country, for our future."

The commercial is perhaps the most visible part of the efforts to buff the tarnish off the Volt image. GM North American VP Mark Reuss sent a letter to Volt owners around the country this week that thanked the owners for their support. Despite GM offering to buy back Volts from worried owners no one asked for their car to be bought back. GM also offered loaner vehicles until the investigation was complete.
Detroit News reports that Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was at the Washington Autoshow and noted that he is satisfied that the Volt is safe. LaHood also denied GM was given any preferential treatment in the investigation. There were some allegations that the delay in telling the public about the fire in testing, which spanned months, was preferential to GM. LaHood also said that it would have been inappropriate to disclose details on the fire until the investigation was complete.

Source: Detroit News

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Oil = Achilles Heel
By JonnyDough on 1/28/2012 1:36:22 AM , Rating: 2
Oil is our lifeblood. Without it, America loses its power. America is perhaps not as pure as an angel, but it is certainly better than many nations around the world. Our leaders may be dirty crooks, but they also stop murders from happening around the world. Its hard to say, but I do know that I would rather live in a free society where I have opportunity than to live in one where I can be put to death when my neighbor lies and says I spoke ill of my government.
North Korea needs a regime change.

I guess my point is that my fellow Americans want to blame the American government for everything, even when our government takes action that is in support of our own interests. GM needed to survive, I have no doubt in my mind. Michigan would be in a very sad way right now if it hadn't. The closing of plants would have spread like cancer to our surrounding states.

We need to wean ourselves off foreign oil and the government knows it. They have known for quite awhile, because diplomatic relations with the middle east was poor. Who knows how it got this way? Errors of past presidents, and interests of other large nations having an effect on these small powerful oil countries. I think there are larger nations that have tried to make some of these small oil producing nations our enemies. These wealthy royal families are getting too wealthy and too powerful. They already own a lot of our American companies via stock ownership.

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