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GM now working on making Volt image better

GM is hard at work on fixing the tarnished image of the Volt after the fire investigation. The Volt drama started when a crash tested vehicle caught fire three weeks after being tested while sitting in the parking lot of a government test facility. The fire was large enough to damage vehicles nearby.
GM's CEO was called to testify before a House panel as part of the investigation into the fire and the methods in which the fire was disclosed. The day after the testimony was given; GM has acknowledged that the fire investigation had an impact on sales. GM started airing a new commercial on TV stations around the country that focuses on the Volt in an effort to improve the car's image.
The new commercial is called "Morning in Hamtramck." Hamtramck is the city where the Volt is constructed and is a suburb of Detroit. The commercial sees the Volts rolling down an assembly line on the main street of Hamtramck. The commercial touts the Volt as "the car that America had to build" and the commercial says that GM built the car for "for our town, for our country, for our future."

The commercial is perhaps the most visible part of the efforts to buff the tarnish off the Volt image. GM North American VP Mark Reuss sent a letter to Volt owners around the country this week that thanked the owners for their support. Despite GM offering to buy back Volts from worried owners no one asked for their car to be bought back. GM also offered loaner vehicles until the investigation was complete.
Detroit News reports that Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was at the Washington Autoshow and noted that he is satisfied that the Volt is safe. LaHood also denied GM was given any preferential treatment in the investigation. There were some allegations that the delay in telling the public about the fire in testing, which spanned months, was preferential to GM. LaHood also said that it would have been inappropriate to disclose details on the fire until the investigation was complete.

Source: Detroit News

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RE: I feel warm and cuddly
By gladiatorua on 1/27/2012 11:34:00 AM , Rating: 3
Volt has different engine that does not benefit from usual alternator that "every car" has. Sure, you can install it there but it would be either a waste or very impractical.
Alternator is an electrical motor in reverse. It converts mechanical energy electrical energy. Volt has one. It kicks in when battery runs out. The difference is that it doesn't charge the battery but powers the engine directly.
You can't make perpetual power engine using an alternator.

RE: I feel warm and cuddly
By Natch on 1/27/2012 2:20:43 PM , Rating: 2
Maybe if we mount a sail to it, it would help make up the difference?? ;)

RE: I feel warm and cuddly
By Solandri on 1/27/2012 4:48:04 PM , Rating: 2
Mount a windmill on top of the car to generate electricity to propel the car.

RE: I feel warm and cuddly
By TSS on 1/28/2012 9:50:08 AM , Rating: 2
you'll find that the extra drag caused by the fan causes you to lose more energy then it will generate, unless it's efficiency is more then 100% which is impossible.

It simply can't be done. And i've gone as far as sticking 5 fans ontop of a car, dynamo's on the inside of the wheels, a 5th and 6th wheel-dynamo's on the road surface, downward drag spoilters which converts into mechanical energy (the energy would be absorbed in the supports in some way), miniature engines driven by heat on the brakepads, as well as waste-heat from the engine being converted to energy.

And each addition made just loweres overall efficiency, because you're adding components less then 100% efficient.

The first chance we will have is when we've mastered the quantum dot effect and are getting 100%+ efficiency out of solar panels. But strickly speaking, that still wouldn't be perpetual motion. As the energy source would be the sun, and the sun isn't perpetual. Perpetual motion/energy refers to generating more energy then you lose with the same apperatus.

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