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New chief says phonemaking "is not baking cookies", promises change on the software front

Research in Motion, Ltd.'s (TSE:RIM) board finally came around and canned its underperforming long-time co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis.  They slotted Thorsten Heins as their replacement.  Mr. Heins, a German native and University Hanover graduate had previously worked at Siemens AG as their chief technology officer.  In 2007 he left Siemens to join RIM, first as Blackberry VP and then as chief operating officer.

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins [Image Source: RIMarkable]

Mr. Heins may be fresh out of the gates, but he already flinging some pretty controversial insults.  In an interview with BlackBerry blog Crackberry, he disrespects Android, remarking, "Just take a look where the Android OEMs are. I leave this to you. Take a look at their recent announcements and what you will immediately see is there is just no room for differentiation because they are all the same."

The insult of course ignores the fact that Android devices tend to differentiate themselves hardware-wise, with different form factors, different sizes of screen, different processors, and different onboard aps.  Plus it’s a pretty bold comment to be making about a platform that has marginalized yours in market share.

He also says his company is choosing to do things "the harder way".  He comments, "What we choose is the harder way. I get it. Did we miss on some commitments? Yes, I admit that. That happens in high tech. This is not baking cookies."

Kanye baking cookies

As for his remarks on RIM's direction, he implies that the media misconstrued his comments about "staying the course".  He comments, "I think this got into a little bit of the black and white zone. I was talking about drastic or seismic changes. What I was trying to address was that there was some suggestion that RIM should be split up or should even be sold. My true belief is that RIM has the strength and the assets that we can really succeed in this market."

"There is a LOT of change. There is a lot of structure change, there has been already a lot of change in terms of our software, our software platform, bringing QNX in. There is no standstill at any moment here at RIM."

Source: CrackBerry

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RE: Android Fanboy Article?
By EricMartello on 1/28/2012 2:23:53 AM , Rating: 2
You're missing the point. The most successful smart phone ever, the iPhone, has NEVER had any differentiation at all. It's had the exact same form factor, size, and basic iOS UI since 2007. How is slamming Android for not offering "any", when it offers WAY more than Apple, some kind of valid criticism? It's being clueless, that's what.

There is only one iphone and it is sold by Apple. There are many phones sold by various manufacturers that use the Android OS and they're all mostly identical. What you did is what you refer to as "missing the point" and you did so twice.

There's no more "market share" out there for RIM to get. Hello? What tidbits that Apple and Android aren't gobbling up fall to Microsoft. There's just no room for RIM to make a comeback.

You think that it is impossible to lose market share once it is gained? No, it's not.

For RIM to change this they would somehow have to release an iPhone in 2007 type product. An "oh my god I will just DIE if I don't get my hands on that" kind of thing. Do you honestly see them doing that at this point?

Now you're just rephrasing what I said using more text. Yes, if RIM can create a device that appeals to morons they will enjoy the kind of success that Apple has. It's not that complicated.

RE: Android Fanboy Article?
By retrospooty on 1/28/2012 8:08:31 AM , Rating: 2
I think what you are missing is that RIM cant create a device that anyone wants. The sheeply masses dont want it, the elite dont want it, normal average people dont want it. No-one wants it. By Q4 2012 if RIM finally gets QNX on a phone (and that is a big if) they wont be competing with todays awesome phones. They will be competing with highly polished Android 4 and IOS5, if not Android 5 and IOS6. RIM has not been able to put all the pieces together lately, the fact that its taking them 2 years to get QNX on a working released phone shows that. What on earth makes you think it will come out polished and well received? It will very likely be buggy and half assed like everything RIM has done for the past 5 years.

RE: Android Fanboy Article?
By EricMartello on 1/28/2012 11:07:50 AM , Rating: 2
RIM's phones have one advantage over the others even today - and that is security. They're tough to crack. I do not think RIM is going to make a comeback in 2012; I'm looking for Windows Phone to get its time in the sun because it is by far the best mobile OS out there right now.

RE: Android Fanboy Article?
By retrospooty on 1/28/2012 12:01:21 PM , Rating: 2
"RIM's phones have one advantage over the others even today - and that is security."

Agreed, it is more secure... And IT depts. in areas that require higher security are holding on to them... However they are fighting their end users that are screaming for modern phones. The fact is no mobile mail is secure. If you are working in a govt. research lab or doing anything that is extremely security conscious, then mobile/remote mail is not an option, none of it is secure... Or they have strict rules about not sending anything deemed "high security" via email at all.

For 99% of companies, its not really a huge deal if someone were to read the latest Fedex/UPS tracking #'s or meeting minutes, or whatever other bland emails that are being sent.

"It's okay. The scenarios aren't that clear. But it's good looking. [Steve Jobs] does good design, and [the iPad] is absolutely a good example of that." -- Bill Gates on the Apple iPad

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