Verizon testing service in two cities now

Anyone that has used a smartphone on a network that doesn't allow the simultaneous use of both voice and data services has likely run into an issue where they needed to do just that. While on Verizon’s network, looking up a phone number online for someone you are talking to (if you aren’t near a Wi-Fi hotspot) is impossible without the ability to handle voice and data use at once.
Verizon, however, is working on bringing that capability to its LTE networks.
PhoneArena reports that Verizon is already running voice-over-LTE trials in two major cities and has plans to roll the service out nationwide next year. This is the tech that will let your use data and voice at one time on the LTE networks across the country. The service is called VoLTE for short and one of the big benefits is that it gives you better sound than landline on normal wireless calls.
The national rollout of VoLTE is set for 2013 barring anything unforeseen interfering with the plans. It’s worth noting that 2013 is also when Verizon plans to have 4G service in all its 3G areas today. That is key since LTE coverage around the country in all 3G areas would prevent issues if a user's device fell back to 3G coverage while using data and voice.
AT&T also has plans to roll out VoLTE in 2013

Source: PhoneArena

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