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These accidents were due to both being distracted by their devices and blocking the sounds of the warning systems with their headphones

The fact that wearing headphones while navigating a city on foot can be dangerous seems pretty obvious, but the University of Maryland School of Medicine and the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore collaborated on a study to show exactly how dangerous the activity can be.

Richard Lichenstein, M.D., lead author of the study and associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and director of pediatric emergency medicine research at the University of Maryland Medical Center, said that injuries to pedestrians who are wearing headphones have tripled in six years.

"Everybody is aware of the risk of cell phones and texting in automobiles, but I see more and more teens distracted with the latest devices and headphones in their ears," said Lichenstein. "Unfortunately, as we make more and more enticing devices, the risk of injury from distraction and blocking out other sounds increases."

Lichenstein and his team conducted the study by taking cases where headphones were involved in serious pedestrian injuries/fatalities from car or train crashes from 2004-2011 reports from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, Westlaw Campus Research databases and Google News Archives. Lichenstein's team reviewed a total of 116 cases during that time period.

According to the study's results, 68 percent of pedestrians injured or killed due to wearing headphones were male, and 67 percent were under the age of 30. About 55 percent of the vehicles involved in the headphone-related accidents were trains, and 29 percent of the vehicles involved used a horn or other type of audible warning system to let the pedestrians know they were there. In addition, nearly three-quarters of the headphone-related injuries were fatal.

Lichenstein said these accidents were due to both being distracted by their devices and blocking the sounds of the warning systems with their headphones, which Lichenstein called sensory deprivation.

This study was published in Injury Prevention.

Source: University of Maryland

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By MarioJP on 1/19/2012 3:44:47 AM , Rating: 2
No offense to the guy but it clearly shows this guy is all "consumer stuck up" and probably does not think outside the box if one day the Society system fails. First of, the "gym" is not free and secondly why on earth would I want to go to the gym to get exercise if "exercise" is practically what you want to to be for FREE. I have lost count the miles I have walked from point A to point B. Just because one drives does not mean "walking" is overrated. Just the read of that comment makes me cringe for the simple fact that walking is natural and beneficial for your body. Not being forced to go to a gym and that's that.

Did you also know that people who walk/run get more exercise than all the gyms combined?? and guess what it is FREE no membership to join/fees. Not saying don't go to a gym. Its just the gym shouldn't be the only way to exercise (again being sucked into the system to get you to pay) I know you're a better person than that.

And another thing its not just the body that benefits from walking but also your mental state. Why do you think you see runners running around in circles at a park?? or at the beach or at a side walk.

As far as i know Walking/running is the only exercise that truly takes you out of the "noisy/stressful environment" or take a timeout from the system or society.

Walking/running fits in the same category of breathing why because they are both free which=one thing less on your "mind". Its no wonder people these days are dying younger.

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