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Iran has some fun at the expense of the U.S.

The United States was more than a bit embarrassed when it lost an RQ-170 Sentinel stealth drone over Iran. Although the U.S. government initially claimed that the aircraft malfunctioned and was missing "somewhere near Afghanistan", Iran boldly claimed that it spoofed the Sentinel's GPS feed causing the drone to "think" it was landing at an airbase in Afghanistan instead of its actual landing spot -- an Iranian military base.
In a surprise move, President Barack Obama engaged Iran during a press conferencing, stating, "We've asked for it back. We'll see how the Iranians respond."
Iran is now humorously responding to President Obama's request in toy form. “He said he wanted it back, and we will send him one,” joked Reza Kioumarsi of the Ayeh Art Group, which is responsible for the production of the 1/80 scale toy that sells for the equivalent of $4 USD.


Iranian officials are quick to point out that unlike most toys sold in the U.S., these won't be made in China. They'll be produced in Iran using Iranian plastic. The toy replicas will come in a number of different colors and will feature a clear plastic stand with the inscription: "We will put America under our feet.”
To add insult to injury, the Ayeh Art Group is said to have reserved a pink replica to send directly to President Obama.

Sources: The Washington Post, ABC News, The New York Times

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RE: So what? Toy vs Machine
By luseferous on 1/19/2012 7:38:07 PM , Rating: 2 forget they have a real one along with the technology to hijack them.

So what exactly is stopping them from replicating what they have already.

Let me guess they are a bunch of goatherds that couldn't possibly understand any tech beyond a rock tied to a stick.

Remove your head from the sand and wake up.

RE: So what? Toy vs Machine
By priusone on 1/21/2012 2:08:09 AM , Rating: 2
A bunch of goat herders? Is Iran cloning them too? Here are some points that you may have overlooked.

1) The technology could be reverse engineered, but it will take a substantial amount of time to do this unless they have the ability to reverse engineer microchips or have access to the similar ones.

2) This system is far more than just the craft. Sure, it can operate autonomously, but what good is that unless Iran is able to have command and control of the cloned drone.

3) Before you go throwing around insults, try to think logically and not defensively, if possible.

4) Let's just wait and see what Iran is actually capable of, then we can debate on who needs to have their heads relocated to the outside of ones rectum.

RE: So what? Toy vs Machine
By luseferous on 1/21/2012 7:31:12 PM , Rating: 2
Sorry but you stated that they couldn't do it or at least strongly implied it. Now it will take them a long time...

Reverse engineering microchips is not that hard. If you want an example ask Compaq. If a private company can do it then why not an entire nation.

Also They really don't have any need to replicate every system on the thing to make a working drone. I'm sure they have plenty of their own tech that can be adapted.

Are you trying to imply that Iran has no C&C infrastructure
or are not capable of producing the systems needed to talk to and guide such a craft ?

Before you go throwing around insults, try to think logically and not defensively, if possible.

That was the entire point of my post to you and yes lets wait four or five years and see what they come up with shall we.

RE: So what? Toy vs Machine
By priusone on 1/22/2012 12:22:28 AM , Rating: 2
How about we compromise...

Your "If Compaq can do it, why not an entire nation" argument might seem valid, in reality, they probably have a deal worked out with China or Russia. Heck, they were probably approached by them for all we know.

RE: So what? Toy vs Machine
By luseferous on 1/22/2012 10:18:07 AM , Rating: 2
Fair enough.
I was actually going to mention China and Russia but thought it was going a little off the central point.

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