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Iran has some fun at the expense of the U.S.

The United States was more than a bit embarrassed when it lost an RQ-170 Sentinel stealth drone over Iran. Although the U.S. government initially claimed that the aircraft malfunctioned and was missing "somewhere near Afghanistan", Iran boldly claimed that it spoofed the Sentinel's GPS feed causing the drone to "think" it was landing at an airbase in Afghanistan instead of its actual landing spot -- an Iranian military base.
In a surprise move, President Barack Obama engaged Iran during a press conferencing, stating, "We've asked for it back. We'll see how the Iranians respond."
Iran is now humorously responding to President Obama's request in toy form. “He said he wanted it back, and we will send him one,” joked Reza Kioumarsi of the Ayeh Art Group, which is responsible for the production of the 1/80 scale toy that sells for the equivalent of $4 USD.


Iranian officials are quick to point out that unlike most toys sold in the U.S., these won't be made in China. They'll be produced in Iran using Iranian plastic. The toy replicas will come in a number of different colors and will feature a clear plastic stand with the inscription: "We will put America under our feet.”
To add insult to injury, the Ayeh Art Group is said to have reserved a pink replica to send directly to President Obama.

Sources: The Washington Post, ABC News, The New York Times

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RE: sigh
By anactoraaron on 1/18/2012 11:54:28 AM , Rating: 2
You just don't want to see the true evil that took place. That our President purposefully and intentionally manipulated the events taking place to gain political power and ram through an agenda. Fixing the economy, like any normal President would have attempted, was NOT his primary concern.

Wow there's so many things wrong with this statement in this context I don't know where to start. Discussions of it's the Blue leader's fault vs. the Red leader's fault usually are.

The "purposefully and intentionally manipulated the events to gain political power" describes EVERY ELECTED POLITICIAN in our government today. Big surprise there.

"Ramming through an agenda" the war in Iraq? SOPA/PIPA anyone?

And correct me if I'm wrong, but we don't live in a dictatorship. The president doesn't pass laws/policies all by himself. If I recall correctly congress does that. Yes, the same morons trying to "push an agenda" by spewing out PIPA/SOPA right now. Blame the 'figurehead' all you want (it's Bush's fault - no it's Obama's fault) but the reality is that it's the fault of many in the government for the way things are. And the true manipulation of the majority of the American public by the political parties this time of year is to get Joe Q Public to continue to believe that the 'figurehead' is responsible for everything right and wrong in this country. And then vote "all blue" or "all red" on the ballots without even knowing who all those people are. Then the cycle goes on...

But yes, every part of this is evil. Who's actually seeing it?

RE: sigh
By Reclaimer77 on 1/18/2012 12:01:37 PM , Rating: 2
We're talking about the economy. You're going into a lot of different areas that go far beyond the discussion at hand. If you want to widen the scope of the argument to everything that is wrong about government in general, make a new thread about it.

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