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Sprint Galaxy Nexus LTE  (Source:
Sprint says Microsoft has to work harder on building enthusiasm for the product

In the midst of announcing its commitment to LTE and the upcoming death of WiMAX smartphones at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Sprint had a lot of great things to say about Apple's iOS and Google's Android mobile operating system, but couldn't share the same sentiment for Microsoft's Windows Phone OS.

Sprint has had a busy CES so far. Its upcoming jump to LTE has been the main focus, discussing the launch and the ever-popular question regarding truly unlimited plans.

According to David Owens, Sprint's VP of Product Realization, Sprint is dedicated to LTE and will be beefing up its LTE line-up with Android-based phones this year. In fact, the carrier introduced its first two LTE phones at CES this week: the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the LG Viper.

Owens said Sprint is planning to launch these two phones and other LTE phone options by midyear when it launches LTE. He expects April through August of this year to be a pretty busy time for the carrier as it prepares for the launches, but couldn't answer whether the LTE plans would be truly unlimited. Instead, he just said pricing and service plans are unavailable at this time, but mentioned that the Galaxy Nexus is "tailored for an unlimited plan."

In this case, it's out with the old and in with the new. With the introduction of LTE this year, Sprint announced it will no longer make any new WiMAX smartphones.

But Owens promises there's plenty to look forward to with the LTE Galaxy Nexus and LG Viper smartphones, such as the availability of Google Wallet, better Google Voice integration, a load of apps, and a faster, more complete network.

Owens couldn't say enough positive things about Android (and even Apple's) OS', but really couldn't share that enthusiasm for Microsoft's Windows Phone OS because of poor sales and the inability for the product's to "take off."

"We have a Windows device in our lineup, but honestly, it hasn't done well enough for us to jump back into the fire," said Owens. "We told Microsoft, 'You guys have to go build the enthusiasm for the product. We'll train our reps on why it's great.' But the number one reason the product was returned was the user experience.

"There's a tremendous market momentum that Apple has...and I think Ice Cream Sandwich, and what Android's doing, will continue to have momentum. It squeezes down to such a small subset what's left."

Sprint is considering bringing another Windows Phone onboard around August or September.

Source: PC Mag

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Really Sprint?
By Varun on 1/12/2012 2:08:52 PM , Rating: 2
They carry 1 first gen WP7 device (and one with a useless slide out keyboard), but the number one complaint is the user experience?

Funny, because even the crappy HTC Arrive has a user rating of 4.5/5 on the SPRINT SITE. And on the Sprint site, 89% of people would recommend this to a friend. Your customers sure do hate it.

Really Sprint? Maybe what they hate is your terrible CDMA network.

RE: Really Sprint?
By jonmcc33 on 1/13/2012 12:04:07 AM , Rating: 2
LOL! I have the HTC Arrive and the slide out keyboard is hardly useless. I use it all the time, I prefer it to the on screen keyboard. It's actually a very nice phone as far as build quality. It's heavier than most phones and the back is a solid metal plate for durability. But to each his own as far as options. I don't like the bigger 4-inch or larger phones and I don't like cheap plastic phones.

Sprint only offers a single phone with WP7 so not sure what they are expecting. They need more options (Samsung, LG, etc) but just don't offer it. In a Sprint store with tons of Android or iPhone options and they have a single HTC Arrive tossed in then they aren't going to do much WP7 sales.

RE: Really Sprint?
By Ristogod on 1/13/2012 9:15:59 AM , Rating: 2
Yep, I own the HTC Arrive and it's the best 1st gen WP7 you can get. When it's time to upgrade I'm only going to upgrade to another WP7/8 phone. So unless Sprint get's one in it's lineup, or allows me to use my own, I'll be taking my business else where. Sprint's idiotic devotion to Android and their strange obsession to the iPhone is robbing their customer base of a complete and competitive set of options.

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