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EVGA looks to expand its horizons

We had a brief meeting with EVGA this morning where they discussed what to expect from the company in the next few months. The company is best known for its motherboard and graphics products, but the company is also looking to expand into the enthusiast power supply market.
EVGA had a prototype on hand which we took a few quick shots of. The company is being quite mum now about pricing and final specifications, but expect to see power supplies ranging from 650W up to the 1500W prototype pictured.

Another rather cool thing EVGA showed off was an Android app that will allow you to directly overclock your motherboard or graphics card. The Bluetooth OC app connects via… wait for it… Bluetooth, and allows full control over core clock, fan speed, and more.

We'll be bringing you more on the EVGA's latest endeavors, as they get closer to production.

Source: EVGA

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By chizow on 1/10/2012 4:10:57 PM , Rating: 2
XFX failed in the PSU market mainly because they didn't bother to produce any high-end PSUs of interest. They just put out some tacky looking value parts that failed to distinguish themselves from the rest of the mediocre PSUs in that range.

BFG actually put out some pretty solid units but just failed to catch on even though the units delivered. It just seemed like no one was willing to spend on the BFG units unless they were marked down considerably; at MSRP people often went with Corsair, Enermax, Antec etc.

EVGA does have a chance here though to chip away at Corsair's market if they provide quality PSUs, their launch models will need to be bulletproof though to help establish the brand. One huge bonus EVGA has is legendary customer service. Corsair is good too, but EVGA is just top notch.

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