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Firm could sell patents under Chapter 11

Kodak has been on a downward spiral with profits falling greatly in the face of the digital photo revolution that has all but killed the film camera. Kodak is in such a bad place that it had three members of its board of directors jump ship in one week. Reuters is reporting that Kodak is now rumored to be preparing to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy in a bid to save the company.
The photography firm is said to be in talks with lenders to bring in debtor-in possession financing to the tune of $1 billion. The Chapter 11 filing could come as quickly as February. Kodak had previously said that it could raise a lot of cash by selling off some of its patent trove.
The patents Kodak holds have been estimated to be worth as much as five times the market cap of the company. That gives the company the option of selling some patents to stay afloat if the financing it is seeking doesn't come through. Kodak has warned previously that it will need to raise at least $500 million in funding to stay afloat in 2012.
If the report is accurate and Kodak files Chapter 11, it could then sell off the patents it holds as part of the court supervised auction. Kodak also warned this week that its stock might be removed from the New York Stock Exchange if the share price doesn't grow in the next six months.
The full financial details for Kodak's fiscal Q4 will be reported on January 26. An official announcement that it will file Chapter 11 could come during the financial disclosure. 

Source: Reuters

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RE: That's what happens when you don't innovate.
By JasonMick on 1/5/2012 5:49:54 PM , Rating: 2
Kodak doesn't innovate?

Did you mean to direct this @ the op?

Because my whole comment was a rebuke to him along the same lines as yours.

I break down their history of innovation and sad decline here...

It's sad to see Kodak go, but better to bow out gracefully than become a patent troll, not producing anything and just suing everyone (though the IP might still be SOLD to a troll... beware).

As for the cameras, I think the op was right in a way. Software was never the company's strength. It was a big innovator in hardware, but struggled in software, budget end mass-production, and packaging in the modern era.

Once digital cameras (Note: arguably INVENTED by Kodak) got far enough to where the software was becoming advanced and highly purpose driven, Kodak quickly fell behind. Its on-camera GUI displays and image offloading tools were pretty poor and it was only so-so in terms of the image processing/automatic hardware tweaking algorithms (focus, etc.) department...

Its Asian were far less innovative hardware-wise, but knew how to cheaply mass produce slick packaged cameras with slick UIs and good SW/HW correction algorithms...

THAT is why Kodak more or less lost the horse race...

By torpor on 1/5/2012 10:42:30 PM , Rating: 1
Did you mean to direct this @ the op?


Kodak wasn't always off the pack - the easyshare bit built cost into the product that came out of the camera; they were trying to fix a problem (getting pictures out of the camera) that people would complain about but not really feel.

The DC4800 was a solid camera, for example...just before the easyshare fiasco began. They should have stayed on that path.

But Kodak seems to be much better with the underlying technology, from roll film to 8mm to digital image capture to OLED. God knows if Kodak was run by oil executives we'd all still be shooting Kodachrome. (which was a great film btw)

The only interesting question left is who is going to end up with all the patents.

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