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Will demote Chrome's search page-ranking for 60 days

In the wake of revelations that bloggers were paid to promote Google's Chrome browser, (violating its own policy regarding paid links) the company is now punishing itself by lowering rankings of Chrome's webpage in its search engine.

"We've investigated and are taking manual action to demote and lower the site's PageRank for a period of at least 60 days," a Google spokesman told Computer World.

In the past, Google has taken action against others, such as JC Penney, for essentially spamming its search results with paid-for links.

"While Google did not authorize this campaign, and we can find no remaining violations of our webmaster guidelines, we believe Google should be held to a higher standard, so we have taken stricter action than we would against a typical site," the spokesman said.

Chrome recently snagged the top spot in the web-browser wars worldwide. Whether the two-month self-punishment will affect its momentum is certainly something to keep an eye on.

Source: Computer World

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RE: That's rich.
By NellyFromMA on 1/6/2012 3:02:27 PM , Rating: 2
Google collects way more information that it should. Google challenges other corporations then wishes to be judged on an entirely different standard. Yeah, I'm judging... judging the reality of the situation.

RE: That's rich.
By Reclaimer77 on 1/6/2012 7:12:59 PM , Rating: 2
Seems like you're being biased, not judging reality. There's no law that says what Google was doing was illegal. Was it hypocritical? Yes. Was it ethically wrong? Maybe. But don't go around thinking that Google committed some travesty here.

Google didn't "judge" other companies. They set rules for the use of their services. Which in no way binds them to follow the same rules themselves. Something EVERY company does. Even ones you don't hate.

RE: That's rich.
By Jasric on 1/9/2012 9:25:34 AM , Rating: 2
Whilst I think its actually a good idea that they have at least tried to make them self look as though they treat them selves the same as other companies. I dont think they should publicly vet them selves on everything they do wrong. Other wise it will ruin the brand. Essentially they would just be putting them self up for public humiliation on everything.

Any way thats just my opinion. I did do the same search on google searching for browser and google chrome isn't even on the page. In fact its in the paid for section right at the bottom of the page, so would that mean they only temporarily did it and now have taken it out or...

Link below to the search..

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