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Twitter was responsible for 20 percent of UK divorces

Last year, Raleigh, North Carolina attorneys reported that Facebook and MySpace were involved in most divorce cases due to a spouse's inappropriate behavior on such social networking sites. Now, it seems the UK has the same complaint.

Divorce-Online, a UK divorce website, conducted a survey consisting of 5,000 people in 2009 and 2011. The participants were asked a series of questions regarding their spouse's behavior, which included their online behavior.

According to the survey's results, 20 percent of behavior petitions in 2009 contained the word Facebook. In 2011, this number jumped to 33 percent.

Other social networking sites didn't reach that high of a percentage. For instance, Twitter was only at 20 percent in 2011, and the problem associated with the network is that spouse's used it to make comments about exes.

However, the reasons for listing Facebook on the behavior petitions were inappropriate messages sent to a person of the opposite sex, Facebook friends reporting spouse's behavior, and separated spouses posting harsh comments about each other.

"People need to be careful what they write on their walls as the courts are seeing these posts being used in financial disputes and children cases as evidence," said Mark Keenan, a spokesman for Divorce-Online.

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By DaveLessnau on 1/3/2012 12:23:22 PM , Rating: 2
So, are the people who use Facebook and Twitter the kind of people who end up in these divorces? Or, are the people who end up in these divorces the kind of people who use Facebook and Twitter?

RE: Causation
By Gondor on 1/3/2012 12:36:23 PM , Rating: 5
The latter. Proud to say I don't use either (not for the marital reasons but because I find the concept of giving away my personal info to a company to collect downright absurd). I have real life friends, I meet with them every now and then, go for a drink or something. I don't care what they just ate or how consistent their stool was and I really couldn't care less about those who cannot be bothered to get in touch with me in real (offline) life :)

RE: Causation
By FITCamaro on 1/4/2012 9:24:32 AM , Rating: 2
I find it more as a way to share funny things with those who I know and get together with in real life. Not a replacement for it. I'm not "friends" with people who I haven't seen in 10 years "just because".

RE: Causation
By Wolfpup on 1/4/2012 5:36:53 PM , Rating: 2
Yeah, totally agree. I mean I do like the internet to keep in touch when I can't be there in person, but I don't need Facebook for that, and don't want my personal info flaunted about.

RE: Causation
By thatmikeguy on 1/6/2012 2:29:00 PM , Rating: 2
That would be the same, x=0 is the same as 0=x. So the answer is yes. lol

RE: Causation
By Tony Swash on 1/3/2012 12:59:54 PM , Rating: 1
Interestingly I was watching a fly on the wall documentary about the day to day work of the cops in a UK town recently and was surprised when several cops mentioned how many 'incidents' they get called to that relate to Facebook. Mostly people threatening or bullying people I think.

RE: Causation
By Schrag4 on 1/3/2012 1:08:36 PM , Rating: 2
Bully somone on FB in the UK and the cops show up at your door? I shiver when I think that we're slowly turning into that.

RE: Causation
By geddarkstorm on 1/3/2012 3:02:47 PM , Rating: 1
Dem's fighting words! Therefore, I shall run off and tell my mommy-- I mean, police officers.

RE: Causation
By foolsgambit11 on 1/3/2012 5:33:47 PM , Rating: 3
Bully someone, by any means, and if the person bullied files a police report, the cops will show up at your door. Notice the OP didn't say that the cops were monitoring FB.

RE: Causation
By Tony Swash on 1/3/12, Rating: 0
RE: Causation
By Schrag4 on 1/3/2012 1:06:40 PM , Rating: 2
I would say the latter, but that's not necessarily accurate either. Note the title of the article says that FB is "involved" in those divorces. If it was due to cheating, FB probably just helped things along (the cheater would have cheated with or without FB). If it was because the spouse caught them by reading their FB posts, then, again, they would have caught them some other way. FB is just a tool.

I'm sure email has been "involved" in the break ups of orders of magnitude more couples, given how long it has been around and the number of people that use it compared to FB. And I'm sure the telephone has been involved in many more break ups than even that. Doesn't mean they're causes. Again, just tools. And this is coming from someone who refuses to join FB.

RE: Causation
By maven81 on 1/3/2012 2:11:28 PM , Rating: 5
"If it was due to cheating, FB probably just helped things along (the cheater would have cheated with or without FB). If it was because the spouse caught them by reading their FB posts, then, again, they would have caught them some other way. FB is just a tool."

You don't appreciate how easy it makes it to reconnect with people from your past. Imagine you knew someone years ago that now lives on the other side of the country. Chances are you're not going to know their e-mail address. You probably won't know their phone number either unless you've kept in touch all this time. But you search for them on facebook, and there they are. You can't say that this was easy to do before social networks. The chances that you'd bump into that person again were really slim.
(and then before you know it your wife decides she liked that college friend better then she likes you and she's off to California. True story).

RE: Causation
By Shig on 1/3/2012 3:35:22 PM , Rating: 5
Most young people just have wildly high standards of marriage. Marriage is really hard to keep strong, especially in these times.

Society isn't helping either when people see Kim Kardashian stay married for less than a few months and begin to think that's acceptable...

Joel Stein from Time magazine summed it up pretty well with this quote - "The marriage is now less important than the wedding, which is less important than the FB pictures of the wedding, which are less important than the bachaelorette party, which is less important than the FB pictures of the bachaelorette party."

RE: Causation
By Bostlabs on 1/3/2012 4:52:18 PM , Rating: 2
I have a FB account. I hardly ever use it. However a while back I was contacted by someone from my High School days to add them as a friend as they were doing a grand reunion and were wanting to gather info on old class mates.

I accepted the FR and the many that followed that from class mates. I figured it might be interesting to see how they turned out.

90% of them haven't changed one bit. Still have the same problems with the same guys/girls as they had when we were in school! Amazing! I even received a email from a girl I had a crush on (for a bit) asking me for help in securing her laptop from her boy friend.

Ok I'm not falling into that trap. Never answered that email and made a folder for all these old class mates and dumped them all into it. Never check on them or care if they stay FB friends or not.

I can understand why FB would be involved in divorce... esp with that group. LOL.

RE: Causation
By edge929 on 1/5/2012 3:32:08 PM , Rating: 2
This was exactly my brothers situation. Married for 7 years, wife got the 7 year itch, friend-ed one of her ex-boyfriends on FB who lived one state away, the grass-is-greener bug bit hard and 4 months later they were divorced. The only funny part about it was that, to this day, she doesn't know that my brother installed spyware on her computer after he suspected it was FB. He never told her he knew the "real" reason she wanted a divorce.

RE: Causation
By Hiawa23 on 1/3/2012 8:42:34 PM , Rating: 5
Can't really blame Facebook for people making bad choices.

RE: Causation
By ekv on 1/4/2012 5:02:14 AM , Rating: 2
people making bad choices
Maybe this'll sound dumb, but what you wrote suggests to me an interesting web-site. Especially if I can work Google Ads into it.

RE: Causation
By Hiawa23 on 1/4/2012 10:47:50 AM , Rating: 2
I just think if you were going to cheat, you were going to cheat whether it be in a bar, or in a grocery store, movie theater, so why some would tie to FB is interesting. I have an account, & it has allowed me to hook up with some old friends & family, so I love FB, now people have to take responsibility for their own lives & the choices they make.

RE: Causation
By thatmikeguy on 1/6/2012 3:17:15 PM , Rating: 2
Well, like someone said above. When a large amount of people are typing about every single detail of their (usually fake) life each day and it becomes habitual, other things eventually get out. "Most" people don't think about everything that's really happening when they type something on the net, or even see a difference between an anonymous site they just left and FB. Many people go from saying one thing on an anonymous site (about an opinion they actually have) then mindlessly type it on FB as a giant can-o-worms, then spend months or years having to defend it. You can see this if you just read and track other websites with pin names people post on FB. It's funny, new-age people watching FTW.

By Motoman on 1/3/2012 11:40:33 AM , Rating: 4
Don't post things on your FB page like "Just banged my wife's hot sister! IN THE @$$! WOO!"

RE: Protip
By V-Money on 1/3/2012 12:11:01 PM , Rating: 2
Especially if you tag them in your post...

RE: Protip
By The Raven on 1/3/2012 12:40:17 PM , Rating: 2
...or post pictures or video with you holding up a copy of a newspaper with the day's date showing...

It aint FB or twit, folks.
By Methal on 1/3/2012 6:02:10 PM , Rating: 3
Cheaters gunna cheat. FB and Twit just make it more public.

By seamonkey79 on 1/3/2012 6:44:46 PM , Rating: 2
Indeed... in Victorian England, it was the coffee shops that were involved in marriage dissolution.

Doomed from the beginning
By Mitch101 on 1/3/2012 11:04:16 AM , Rating: 2
I think its more that they were doomed from the beginning but instead of taking place in a bar or wherever it occurred through Facebook. It was more than likely going to occur anyhow. Ill bet you a good 80% of those Facebook new relationships that ended another relationship end of the same. People tend to repeat their mistakes. Sadly I have two friends going through so called new relationships from failed marriages and they cant see the oncoming trains. I hope they both prove me wrong but every week I hear of another warning sign either doesn't pick up on.

RE: Doomed from the beginning
By Dr of crap on 1/4/2012 12:33:36 PM , Rating: 2
Agreed - there is some unwriten rule now that marriage is not suppose to last.
It's all about parenting, and the large amount of people that can't!
My parnets, being old school, never divorced, nor was it considered. Me and my wife agreed that we were not going to get into marriage if it meant we'd divorce. If you think that divorce is just a part of marraige then why do it????
My kids when they were little, didn't get it when their friends had two dads, and the friend went to the dad's place for a weekend. And they only had one mom and dad.

It's all about mind set and parenting. Niether of which people care about any longer. It's the downfall of our society. Don't believe this? Why don't kids repect authority any longer?

Facebook as well as...
By The Raven on 1/3/2012 11:10:52 AM , Rating: 2
...the phone, the Internet, the USPS, video games, alcohol, money, sports, The Bachelor, etc., etc., etc.

Show me a home where each party or the marriage cares deeply for their spouse and I will show you a home where FB has no effect. Same for any of the aforementioned communication methods and/or vices. Correlation? Sure, but there is more to this and it is slanderous to say that FB is somehow involved (read: a cause).

(And FYI I am not a FB fan. Ironically, my wife is on it too much, which is 'at all' in my opinion lol. She should play more COD spec ops with me.)

Just say NO
By thatmikeguy on 1/6/2012 2:41:37 PM , Rating: 2
Both bright and not-so-bright people use Facebook for many things. Some use it to troll, some to feel like they belong, some to be doing something while at work, some for reconnaissance, and many other things that simply tell some of us to stay away from those people. Want to stand out? Go actually do something. Even in their lowest form Facebookers divide when they see things for themselves.

Fathers losing out...
By jonmcc33 on 1/3/12, Rating: -1
RE: Fathers losing out...
By EricMartello on 1/3/2012 5:18:38 PM , Rating: 2
If you want to buy an exotic pet, you'd first have to check if it is even legal in your state. If it is you will probably need to fill out a bunch of paperwork and be vetted by some agency to ensure you have the proper facilities and means to care for said animal.

When was the last time a pet tiger was involved in a drive-by, or robbed a 7-11, or raped and killed some idiot college girl...that's right - never.

Now with humans we seem to think there's some reason to exclude all of the above. You do not need any kind of licensing or means test to knock a b1tch up and have a kid. In fact, it's often the dumbest people among us doing the majority of the fccking...even better reason to sterilize anyone with a room temperature IQ.

Why? Human children that cannot be cared for almost ALWAYS become parasites on society or criminals, why aren't there tighter regulations on whether or not women can give birth?

If a person does not have the ability to properly care for human children they should not be allowed to have children in the first place, because in the end it will be society that picks up their slack.

RE: Fathers losing out...
By akaTONE on 1/3/2012 11:57:42 PM , Rating: 3
I myself am going through a separation and divorce currently. We have two beautiful kids and I myself cannot and could not ever fathom choosing to be away from my kids unless I was being physically abused. In that case, one would probably be able to get better than 50/50 custody anyways.

I disagree about the sterilization comments. Yes, many are a drain on the system. But, the hardship they endure can provide a foundation for great artists, athletes and hard workers to be formed. <kidding>Maybe California should pass a law requiring that we also teach kids about what kids from broken families eventually grew up to be important figures in society.</kidding> I would never wish what is currently happening, on my children or anybody else's. Things are always darkest right before they get brighter.

I do agree about child support though. It seems like the child support laws have removed one large barrier from leaving a marriage. If a spouse is financially dependent but wants out, he/she is still *entitled* to child support in most states. That just gives somebody one less reason to make the marriage work. It would feed the "gotta have it now" attitude of many people today. Why? If only one party wants out of the marriage, the one being left should not have to pay the other ... provided the kids are being taken care of equally by both parents. The party that wants out should not expect to still be paid to take care of the kids if the other is taking care of them for half the time and already paying half the expenses as well. I would gladly take my kids and never request child support. They are my kids, my responsibility. If I cannot afford to take care of them, then I would find a way to do so without being a drain on my former spouse. Having someone pay me to take care of my own kids, because I was tired of being married, just seems wrong.

RE: Fathers losing out...
By muhahaaha on 1/4/2012 11:52:39 AM , Rating: 2
The child support system is unjust and should be reformed. I pay $1500.00 per month to Massachusetts, and was unemployed for 8 months. Now I am over $15,000 in arrears, and they are relentlessly trying to take any and all assets I have.

Not even a bankruptcy can discharge this debt and I didn't have any choice, being out of work.

I live in Arizona and haven't even seen my children in 5 years. There are simply no hi-tech jobs in MA so I really had no choice but to come to AZ.

I wish I could find a way out, because I pay 1/3 of my salary to CS and can't even afford to fly out and visit my children. It makes me sick.

RE: Fathers losing out...
By erple2 on 1/4/2012 4:15:32 PM , Rating: 2
It seems like the child support laws have removed one large barrier from leaving a marriage. If a spouse is financially dependent but wants out, he/she is still *entitled* to child support in most states. That just gives somebody one less reason to make the marriage work. It would feed the "gotta have it now" attitude of many people today. Why? If only one party wants out of the marriage, the one being left should not have to pay the other

So the reason why the law exists the way it does is precisely for that reason. I can remember a time when divorce was scandalous, and pretty much exclusively for the woman in the marriage. At the time, a bad marriage was a death sentence for the woman in the marriage - there was no way to get out of it, no job that the woman could actually get that paid reasonably well to take care of children, and you were 100% beholden to your spouse. When it turns out that your spouse was an abusive, philandering, addict, there was zero recourse for the woman in the marriage. She was essentially trapped in the marriage, since she would not be able to financially split from her husband, and still be able to see the children.

These days, things are a bit different, though still not at parity. Once women and men (or at least each spouse) makes equal pay for equal work, then I think that you might be right.

While I do agree that efforts should be made to keep the marriage together, there are cases where it becomes apparent that it just can't, no matter how much effort you put into it.

It's a difficult issue that has several cases. I believe that in the majority of the cases, it works reasonably fairly. There are numerous cases, however, where one of the two parties gets the short end of the stick.

RE: Fathers losing out...
By EricMartello on 1/6/2012 2:27:49 AM , Rating: 1
These days, things are a bit different, though still not at parity. Once women and men (or at least each spouse) makes equal pay for equal work, then I think that you might be right.

There is no longer gender discrimination; women have just as much opportunity to earn money as men do, but that doesn't change the fact that some types of work are better suited to men while others are better suited to women. Men and women are not identical and quite obviously have different thought processes and logic patterns... (or with women, a lack of logic as is often the case).

RE: Fathers losing out...
By thatmikeguy on 1/6/2012 3:26:11 PM , Rating: 2
Well, they even made a TV show about this. "Work It" on ABC.

RE: Fathers losing out...
By Rob94hawk on 1/4/2012 9:52:41 PM , Rating: 2
In NY men are treated like sperm donors and ATM machines. A co-workers boyfriend couldn't get custody because there was "too much evidence against her" so the woman was awarded custody and child support. It didn't matter that she was a druggie and her parents had links to the court......

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