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Numbers more than double last year's X-mas figures, shatter single-day activations record

Google and Apple both had a merry Christmas, as a record 6.8 million of their devices were unwrapped on the holiday.

The statistics, which were released by Flurry Analytics, suggest that an average of 1.5 million of the devices are activated on any day from Dec. 1-24. The number of activations on Christmas accounts for a 353-percent spike in activations.

The numbers account for a 140-percent increase over the previous single-day activation record (on Christmas 2010), which boasted 2.8 million smartphone activations.

Furthermore, Flurry suggests that the number of apps downloaded on Christmas day more than doubled the single-day average for the rest of December.

Meanwhile, Andy Rubin, Google's senior VP of mobile, tweeted that more than 3.7 million Android devices were activated over the holiday weekend, accounting for a little more than half of all activations.

While the ubiquitous iPad boosted Apple's numbers, despite the company not launching a much-hyped iPhone 5, the major increase has been attributed by some experts to more affordability and choice (perhaps even overload) in the market.

"What you have, certainly with the Android, is that there's been a steady push for cheaper smartphones, which do just as much as the top end models," former Mobile magazine editor James Atkinson told the BBC.

Where were the other competitors, such as Microsoft or RIM? Considering that four out of five smartphones sold in the U.S. run either iOS or Android, it's almost safe to say they barely registered.

Sources: BBC, Flurry Analytics

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RE: Religion
By JasonMick on 12/28/2011 11:30:30 AM , Rating: 5
Why do we even keep trying to pretend it's a religious holiday instead of just a consumer holiday?

... and did it ever bother anyone else that they brought baby jesus gifts of gold? Why would the son of god care if we dug up metal out of the ground, smelted it into baubles and gave it to him?

Well, really it's a pagan holiday adopted by Emperor Constantine to try to win over the heathen...

The pagans in Europe at the time celebrate Saturnalia (sp?) a festival on the winter solstice. Typically this fell around Dec. 21 or 22. The pagans celebrated nature by killing animals and bleeding them (red) and chopping down trees (green) to celebrate the animal and tree spirits.

Constantine invented a Christian holiday, complete with red & green decor. To make it more ridiculous, he labeled it the birthday of Jesus.

In reality, it's a well known fact that Roman tax collection season was in the spring and autumn -- they never collected taxes in the winter, because forcing peasants to travel then would be a possibly deadly formula. So Jesus was likely born in the spring or fall -- it's virtually impossible that he was born on Dec. 25.

So I suppose Christian or not it's appropriate to turn this into a consumer holiday (e.g. "Sweetest Day"), as it was truly a pagan holiday in the first place....

RE: Religion
By Mitch101 on 12/28/2011 11:41:09 AM , Rating: 1
St Nick is the patron saint of prostitution. Hoe Hoe Hoe

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