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Google Chrome 15 more used in last week of November than Internet Explorer 8.

Google Chrome has overtaken Microsoft's Internet Explorer to become the world's most commonly used browser, according to web analytics firm StatCounter — at least when stacking up single versions of the browsers against one another.

StatCounter Global Stats reports that Chrome 15 was used more around the world than Internet Explorer 8 in the last week of November — a first for Google's upstart browser. Chrome 15 took 23.6% of the worldwide market compared to IE 8 with 23.5%, the report says.

When examining daily stats, Chrome 14 and 15 have been beating IE 8 on weekends since October, but the last week of November (November 28 through December 5) marks the first time those results have been duplicated during the workweek. 

"It looks as if people favor Chrome on weekends at home, but office commercial use has now caught up," says StatCounter CEO Aodhan Cullen.

Aggregate versions of IE still lead the global market with 38.5 percent share. Chrome is in a tight race for second place, having overtaken Firefox last month and leading by just a single percentage point.

And while Chrome does well worldwide — including in the U.K., where its been beating IE since early November — Internet Explorer 8 dominates in the U.S. with 27 percent market share. By comparison, Chrome 15 users represent just 18.1 percent of the market.

At this point, just three years after Google entered the market long dominated by Microsoft, it's safe to say that the internet browser battle is just starting to heat up.

Source: StatCounter

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RE: Pointless
By adiposity on 12/19/2011 6:53:53 PM , Rating: 1
Comparing to IE8 when half the world is already on to IE9 and some are even experimenting with the IE10 pre-release... pointless.

The point was that IE8 used to be the number one browser when taken by version number. Now, it's not. IE9 and IE10 are included in the stats, they just aren't as popular.

Obviously, though, if you add all IEs together and compare to all Chromes, IE comes out ahead. But then, IE8 and IE9 are so different, and even more different from IE6, that combining all IEs doesn't make sense from a "target browser" standpoint.

Chrome 15 is officially the most popular targetable browser software. It is significant, but not when it comes to "mindshare."

RE: Pointless
By NellyFromMA on 12/21/2011 4:52:41 PM , Rating: 2
I'm too lazy to look, but if IE 8 + IE 9/10 use < Chrome version 102938109238201983 or however many minor revisions they release as major revision numbers, then this story has some semblance of worthiness. Otherwise, pointless. Chrome (and now FF) release at such an unnecessary interval for effectively patches that its easy to say you are comparing only one version of Chrome to many of IE.

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