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Dell ends netbook line
Focus will be on thin and powerful machines

For a few years, the netbook world was jumping with the small (and relatively inexpensive) machines were selling very well. That netbook heyday is over now with sales of the small machines dropping as the tablet becomes the portable computing device of choice for many people. One of the more popular Dell netbooks to launch was the Mini 10 back in 2009.
That netbook was reasonably popular, but the sales waned during its production run. Dell has now announced that it is no longer going to sell netbooks. The company will instead focus on its more recent successes with thin and powerful machines that compete against the Apple MacBook Air and other models such as the new Dell 15z.
"We sold through the Dell Mini some time ago. We're committed to the highly portable space and have focused on delivering thin + powerful solutions, for which we've seen strong success, particularly in our XPS line," Matthew Hutchison, director of Dell Global Consumer PR told CNET in an email.
The fall from grace for the netbook began when Apple rolled out the iPad during the second half of 2010 and many consumers flocked to the tablets rather than netbooks and notebooks. Even Intel has moved on now with the company focusing on Ultrabooks rather than netbooks.
Intel is working hard to promote the Ultrabook, which was originally promised at a price of under $1,000. Some of the machines were offered at that low price, but many of the Ultrabooks on the market sell for much more than $1,000.
Some companies like Acer see the Ultrabook as a way to become more profitable like Apple. Apple is able to sell premium notebooks at very high prices (compared to its PC competition), and its customers still keep coming back for more.

Source: CNET

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By Homerboy on 12/16/2011 1:04:26 PM , Rating: 3
I have to say I love our junky little netbook.
Perfect for sitting on the coach and browsing while watching TV/movies/sports. I don't want a tablet (want a real KB) and ultras are two $$$.

RE: bummer
By Hulk on 12/16/2011 1:21:48 PM , Rating: 1
It is strange that you would want to sit on the Coach while browsing? What did the Coach ever do to you what makes you want to sit on him/her?

RE: bummer
By ClownPuncher on 12/16/2011 2:48:00 PM , Rating: 4
Buddy, you just got Sandusky'd

RE: bummer
By piroroadkill on 12/18/2011 9:59:36 AM , Rating: 2
Bravo, bravo

RE: bummer
By Lazlo Panaflex on 12/19/2011 11:18:54 AM , Rating: 2
Craig T. Nelson approves this message!

RE: bummer
By kraeper on 12/16/2011 1:58:40 PM , Rating: 2
I like mine too, because I don't worry about it breaking while traveling. It's decently built, and cheap enough it wouldn't be the end of the world if it did take a tumble down a flight of stairs. Tablets seem neat, but the lack of keyboard limits their usefulness to me.

RE: bummer
By V-Money on 12/16/2011 6:45:51 PM , Rating: 2
You could always get a Bluetooth keyboard or the transformer prime. I've played around with many a netbooks, but I think I actually get more use out of my tablet than most people I've seen get out of their netbooks (before anyone argues this point, I don't get significant usage out of my tablet, I still use my laptop quite a bit more, but I use it more relative to a netbook).

RE: bummer
By ender707 on 12/16/2011 9:25:21 PM , Rating: 3
You could, but not for less than 300, with a full version of Windows 7.

Most people have phones that do everything the tablet can do anyway.

RE: bummer
By V-Money on 12/17/2011 12:51:47 AM , Rating: 2
If you find the right deal you can, I got my setup for under 200 because of HPs firesale, and Woot has tablets on it all the time. As for Win7 and functionality like a phone, I agree, but if I need win 7 for anything its usually something that requires more power than a netbook can provide, and I take lots of notes on my touchpad that I would never attempt to with a phone.

RE: bummer
By Mint on 12/17/2011 8:13:09 AM , Rating: 2
And what about people who used a netbook in lieu of a notebook instead of augmenting it? Still think they would get more use out of a tablet?

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