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Privacy can still be adjusted using Timeline  (Source: The Facebook Blog)
Timeline offers a chronological list of months and years from the time you created a Facebook account until the present

Facebook has rolled out a redesigned feature today that will allow users to rediscover the ghosts of Facebook's past and share it with anyone and everyone if they so choose.

Facebook Timeline, which is available everywhere today as well as on Android and, offers a chronological list of months and years from the time you created a Facebook account until the present. Each month/year contains your posts from that time period.

In addition to simply looking back and reminiscing with yourself, you can decide to feature those important posts from monumental days, such as wedding day or graduation day posts. This can be done by rolling over the post and clicking the star. On the other hand, if you happen to find a few posts that you'd rather not share on your timeline with others, such as those sappy love posts to that special someone who is now your special ex, rolling over the story and clicking "delete post" is an option. The unwanted posts can also simply be hidden or edited as well if it's too soon to say goodbye.

Facebook Timeline also offers a feature called Activity Log, which presents all of your posts and activity such as check-ins. The Activity Log is only visible to the user, unless the user chooses to adjust the privacy of the post and/or post it to their timeline. Posts in the Activity Log can also be hidden, edited or deleted by rolling over the story and making the proper selection.

Timeline can be obtained at the "Introducing Timeline" page, or you can just wait until it appears on your profile. In fact, Timeline will replace your profile with the exception of stories and photos, according to Facebook.

Upon receiving Timeline, you will have seven days to review it, picking and choosing which stories to hide or feature before it goes live one week later.

Source: The Facebook Blog

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