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Teachers use iPad to augment or replace textbooks

The times are changing in schools around the country. Years ago everything was textbooks and worksheets to get the learning accomplished in school. Today technology is making way into the schools around the country making learning more interactive for kids and more fun. One of the things that is starting to go away is the textbooks that have traditionally been used in the U.S. in favor of tablets.
The specific tablet is the iPad from Apple. The iPad in some school districts is being used either to replace the textbook completely or to augment the normal textbooks with more interactive and exciting content. Many districts have found that the iPad is very good for special needs students since the touch interface is so simple for kids and students with disabilities to use.
Kids are also very tech savvy and generally pick up tablets and other technology quickly in the classroom. A third-grade classroom in Millstone, NJ is using the iPad and according to the teacher of the room, Jennifer Kohn, the kids needed no training to be able to use apps. Most kids are growing up using touch interface devices and can use them without any instruction.
In Kohn's classroom, the kids used netbooks before getting the iPads. The PCs were difficult to use for the students according to the teacher and ran slow and got slower over time. She said, "The iPad’s one-button interface makes a big difference when working with kids. It's better for most things."
Some of the apps that the kids use in her classroom include Math Bingo to help the kids learn math, and they also use the tablet for creative writing and to interact with storybooks. Another school in Maine spent $200,000 on iPads for kindergarten students. Many college students are also turning to the iPad for their textbooks since they can get the books in one lightweight device rather than carrying an entire bag of expensive and heavy books.

Source: PC World

"We shipped it on Saturday. Then on Sunday, we rested." -- Steve Jobs on the iPad launch
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