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Organization claims a high number of drivers are unable to come close to mileage estimates

Most drivers know that when they buy a vehicle the estimates for fuel economy on the window stickers are just estimates. In the real world, driving the fuel economy can be much different. There has been more than the typical number of complaints about the fuel economy that Hyundai is claiming for its new Elantra.
Hyundai is claiming that the Elantra gets 29 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway for an combined rated of 33 mpg. The problem is that according to the higher than usual number of complaints about the efficiency of the Elantra, the real world mileage is in the mid-20 mpg range. Drivers that purchased the vehicle based in large part on the efficiency claims are understandably upset by the real world figures. 
Consumer Watchdog is asking the EPA to investigate the mileage claims for the Elantra. The letter sent to the EPA read in part:
A notable exception to this rule has caught the attention of Consumer Watchdog. For the two most recent model years, Hyundai Motors has actively marketed its base models of the Elantra on their very high 29/40 MPG, and 33 MPG average, leaving a trail of disappointed drivers. An Edmunds online Town Hall discussion on the Elantra attracted scores of drivers who can't, no matter how hard they try, duplicate such numbers. One very public example of this was USA Today tech writer Jefferson Graham, whose Sept. 22 article on his new Elantra expressed his disappointment that he averaged only 22 MPG, a gap that no "break-in" period seems likely to fill.
Consumer Watchdog also pointed out that while automotive publication Motor Trend named the 2012 Elantra a Car of the Year contender, the fuel economy it achieved in testing was only 26.5 mpg. That number was poor enough compared to estimates for Motor Trend to mention it in the review. The consumer organization is asking the EPA to retest the Elantra and if it finds the estimates Hyundai is giving aren't accurate to impose a fine on the automaker to compensate drivers.
One of the big selling pints of the Elantra was that the 40 mpg highway claim was for the normal model of the car whereas other automakers needed special trims to hit 40 mpg. Hyundai also has the Accent with the same 40 mpg claim. Chevy has touted a version of its Cruze, the Eco, which gets 40 mpg on the highway. Ford has a special version of the Focus with a claimed 40 mpg highway rating that is called the SFE.
In October of this year, Hyundai announced that it planned to offer a plug-in hybrid to go against the Prius called the Elantra Touring

Source: Consumer Watchdog

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By Spuke on 12/5/2011 11:26:51 PM , Rating: 2
Hyundai's cheap ass cars are why I don't buy a Hyundai. That and their blatant rip offs of other companies vehicles.
You're kidding right?

By tng on 12/6/2011 8:31:28 AM , Rating: 2
You're kidding right?
Well to be fair, some of the previous models did look allot like similar Honda models, but the king of ripoff, in my opinion, is Lexus.

I once followed a Mercedes and a Lexus in traffic once and the only difference I could see from the rear was the name badge.

By The Raven on 12/6/2011 11:08:10 AM , Rating: 2
I remember noticing this also. They had a Sonata that looked like a Volvo (had those signature Volvo curves on the side and everything). Then there was something that looked just like a Civic.

When we bought our Civic I laughed because the guy tried to say that it looked just like a bimmer from behind. And thought I agree the styling was similar, it was not as much as a blatant ripoff as the Hyundais I had seen.

Oh and I remember the RX-7 that looked just like a mini Viper lol

But I have no opinion of who is worst with my limited knowledge lol.

By Spuke on 12/6/2011 2:28:43 PM , Rating: 2
Well to be fair, some of the previous models did look allot like similar Honda models, but the king of ripoff, in my opinion, is Lexus.
I can understand that but the world and Hyundai has moved on. Their quality has MUCH improved and their designs aren't copying anyone's. Who cares what they did before? They're not doing that now. I'd buy most of their line up in a heartbeat. Currently looking into a used Genesis sedan.

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