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Volt side impact crash
GM is going to great lengths to make Volt owners happy

GM and its extended range EV called the Volt have been under fire lately for vehicles that caught fire after crash testing. GM has so far pointed out that it hasn't received any reports of the Volt catching fire in an actual accident despite the incidences in crash testing. The drama surrounding the Volt started in the middle of November when the NHTSA conducted a side impact crash test on a Volt and then parked it in the parking lot.
The Volt sat there for three weeks before catching fire and burning hot enough to damage other vehicles nearby. The resulting fire after three weeks was linked to the battery packs used in the Volt and the NHTSA kicked off an investigation into the Volt. Three more Volts were obtained and out of those three subjected to the same side impact crash tests with simulated rollovers; two of them had more issues. One of the cars caught fire within seven days of the test and the other started smoking and throwing sparks immediately after the test.
GM has been upfront with buyers so far and has even offered loaner cars until the investigation is complete to any Volt owner that is worried about the risk of fire. GM has now sweetened the deal with GM CEO Dan Akerson saying in a recent interview that GM would purchase back any Volt from an owner that requested it. So far, none of the Volt owners has asked GM to buy their car back.
GM did note that out of the roughly 6,000 Volts sold it had received about 230 calls from concerned owners and that so far 33 Volt owners have asked for loaner cars. GM spokesman Selim Bingol has said, "We're going to do what it takes to make every consumer completely satisfied."
Despite the issues with the Volt and possibility of fire, the car still has the highest satisfaction rate in the automotive market at 93% of owners saying they would buy the car again. That is higher than the 91% satisfaction that owners of the Dodge Challenger and Porsche 911 have expressed.

GM has also noted that it will not hit its 10,000 unit mark for the Volt this year. GM has sold 6,142 Volts so far. Even with the battery fire publicity the Volt sold more than 1,108 units in November for its best month ever. The Volt is selling so well now that some in Washington are wanting to end the $7,500 tax credit the Volt offers.

Source: The Detroit News

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RE: Get out Your Check Books, America!
By room200 on 12/2/2011 8:35:09 PM , Rating: 1
Why do you hate America?

RE: Get out Your Check Books, America!
By Ringold on 12/2/2011 8:56:10 PM , Rating: 1
He seems to hate bailing out companies that, every time the tide rolls out, has been said to be swimming naked, as Warren Buffet might put it. Rather, he hates seeing his beloved country pulled down by a multitude of leeches.

By YashBudini on 12/4/2011 7:36:25 PM , Rating: 2
But he only addresses the leaches he's been instructed to address. Plenty of leeches he chooses to ignore and even back when he's programmed that way.

RE: Get out Your Check Books, America!
By Bubbacub on 12/4/2011 1:37:51 PM , Rating: 2

why does disagreeing with you equal "hating america"

i hear this carp all the time. how many people actually hate their own country? its a teeeny tiny less than 1% chunk of the population.

how many people hate institutions and structures within their country that they want to improve? answer - lots of people.

wanting to lower tax or subsidise health care or other such polarising arguments do not mean that the proponent "hates america".

its a completely defunct statement (unless you are talking to a taliban nutjob)

p.s. dont agree or disagree with the comment you replied to

By room200 on 12/5/2011 9:01:28 PM , Rating: 2
Ummm, I was throwing those word in his face for a reason; sarcasm.

"A politician stumbles over himself... Then they pick it out. They edit it. He runs the clip, and then he makes a funny face, and the whole audience has a Pavlovian response." -- Joe Scarborough on John Stewart over Jim Cramer

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