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Firefox drops to third place
Chrome is the second most used browser behind Internet Explorer globally

The browser wars have raged for years. Generally, the winner in the market has been Internet Explorer thanks to the overwhelming number of computers worldwide that run the Windows operating system (and don’t bother to change their default browser). For a while now the second most popular web browser has been Firefox, but there have been some changes in the market according to the latest stats.
StatCounter's latest numbers for the browser market show that Google Chrome has passed Firefox to take the second place spot. Firefox is still in a very close third place. Firefox had been kicked back to the third place spot in the UK in July of 2011 reports TechCrunch, so a global second place win isn’t that surprising for Chrome.
Chrome now has 25.7% of the worldwide market as of last month and Firefox has 25.23% of the market. Internet Explorer is still dominating the market with 40.63% of the global share.
In the U.S., Internet Explorer has even more of the market with 50.66% share.
In September, Firefox released version 7 of the browser specifically to address memory issues that plagued older versions of the browser. 

Source: TechCrunch

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RE: Android browser == chrome??
By nocturne_81 on 12/4/2011 12:51:01 PM , Rating: 1
Well, I have an SSD also.. And I still notice quite a performance increase with Chrome vs all but a few nightly builds of FF. Though, what I consider performance in a browser has nothing to do with page load/rendering times -- it's all about ease-of-use.. Throughout thousands of pages, I might save a total of a few seconds in page loading times using one browser over another, while a simple and incredibly functional interface increases productivity much, much more.

Also, I doubt many browser benchmarks come close to the amount of abuse I put my system through.. At the moment, I have 5 windows open in Chrome, each with at least 20 tabs (don't ask, hehe). Trying the same is nearly impossible in ie9 without the shell crashing, and while it may work successfully in FF, performance of the browser as a whole is incredibly crippled.

I originally switched over to Chrome right after it's initial release purely for it's reliability. I had recently built a new system and had been unlucky enough to have received a bad memory module, and IE and my previously preferred FF refused to run for more than a few moments without crashing. Chrome ran great -- and after becoming accustomed to it's extremely intuitive user interface, I even convinced my 72yr old father to make the switch as well.

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