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Firefox drops to third place
Chrome is the second most used browser behind Internet Explorer globally

The browser wars have raged for years. Generally, the winner in the market has been Internet Explorer thanks to the overwhelming number of computers worldwide that run the Windows operating system (and don’t bother to change their default browser). For a while now the second most popular web browser has been Firefox, but there have been some changes in the market according to the latest stats.
StatCounter's latest numbers for the browser market show that Google Chrome has passed Firefox to take the second place spot. Firefox is still in a very close third place. Firefox had been kicked back to the third place spot in the UK in July of 2011 reports TechCrunch, so a global second place win isn’t that surprising for Chrome.
Chrome now has 25.7% of the worldwide market as of last month and Firefox has 25.23% of the market. Internet Explorer is still dominating the market with 40.63% of the global share.
In the U.S., Internet Explorer has even more of the market with 50.66% share.
In September, Firefox released version 7 of the browser specifically to address memory issues that plagued older versions of the browser. 

Source: TechCrunch

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RE: Android browser == chrome??
By wordsworm on 12/4/2011 7:29:02 AM , Rating: 2
The biggest things for me are the customizable nature of FF. It's just so easy. For example, I have a lock on FF at work so that I can store passwords on it without risking some coworker going onto my work computer and accessing my email. I have a ribbon of bookmarks that contains the 10 or so most visited sites that I go to. 95% of my surfing is from habit, and the icons on the ribbon make it really easy to access them with a single click. For my blog, I often use Zemanta. I'm using it less these days, but my point is that FF is extremely easy to customize to my own specific needs. Chrome has never managed to do that for me.

Speed wise, I've never really noticed a difference. However, when I want to go to isohunt, FF used to redirect me to a Yahoo 404 site. It doesn't do that any more (just looked), but it was the only reason I used Chrome. Also, one more thing - I do keep a separate Facebook page that I give to students and coworkers so that I can keep my private life and professional life separate. It's easier to store that email address and that Facebook IDs on a separate browser from FF. Maybe there's a better way (like another FF plugin) to achieve that end.

But even the idea that Chrome is better and more stable - well, FF does crash from time to time, but so does Chrome. I haven't seen a difference there. Thus, I find FF still to be much better suited to my needs than Chrome.

"Folks that want porn can buy an Android phone." -- Steve Jobs
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