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Commercial shows Apple fans camped out for the iPhone 4S, marveling at the Samsung Galaxy S II

The past year's events have made it pretty clear that Apple and Samsung aren't the best of friends. Apple initially accused Samsung of copying Apple's iPhone and iPad designs when developing the Galaxy line, and a long list of lawsuits have been launched back and forth ever since around the globe.

Apple may have successfully killed Samsung's sales in some countries outside the U.S., but Samsung isn't going to take this lying down. In its latest commercial for the Galaxy S ll, Samsung makes fun of Apple fanboys by portraying a scene where they're all waiting in line hours in advance for the next release. While waiting, the fanboys are noticing passerby with phones that are "magnificent," and of course the phones in question are Galaxy S ll's.

The fanboys make pompous comments while waiting in line, such as "If it looks the same, how will people know I upgraded?" and an exchange between two fanboys that goes as follows:

Fanboy 1: I could never get a Samsung, I'm creative.

Fanboy 2: Dude you're a barista.

Check it out for youselves:

Source: YouTube

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RE: Very well done
By TakinYourPoints on 11/24/2011 5:57:34 AM , Rating: -1
Apple's iPad newest commercial shows off the product being used in many different scenarios: a guy designs a car with an iPad, a band uses an iPad as a mixer, and a painter paints.

Samsung Android commercial shows how iPhone users are such a douche and the only time it talks about its own product were it has a bigger screen and an ambiqous 'amazing' quote. That's all? Nothing about apps available for the phone? Or faster graphics? Ease of use? Better camera?

Exactly. Apple's current ads are as simple as they get. Show off various different uses and applications for the device, the hardware, and how easy it is for anyone to use. Very simple and practical marketing.

Android ads generally have things like UFOs shooting buildings, hipsters at parties, or they make fun of iDrones like this one. Totally superficial.

As it stands the Galaxy S II has much slower hardware and weaker developer support than any of the A5 devices, so they might as well prey on user stereotypes so that Android fanboys can feel better about their buying decisions. It is shallow and has nothing to do with tech or usefulness, but obviously it works, look at echo chamber forums such as this one.

I'd respect it more if they actually focused on the product rather than image. It is bizarre that so much Android marketing is so completely image based when that is what Apple is accused so often of doing.

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