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Commercial shows Apple fans camped out for the iPhone 4S, marveling at the Samsung Galaxy S II

The past year's events have made it pretty clear that Apple and Samsung aren't the best of friends. Apple initially accused Samsung of copying Apple's iPhone and iPad designs when developing the Galaxy line, and a long list of lawsuits have been launched back and forth ever since around the globe.

Apple may have successfully killed Samsung's sales in some countries outside the U.S., but Samsung isn't going to take this lying down. In its latest commercial for the Galaxy S ll, Samsung makes fun of Apple fanboys by portraying a scene where they're all waiting in line hours in advance for the next release. While waiting, the fanboys are noticing passerby with phones that are "magnificent," and of course the phones in question are Galaxy S ll's.

The fanboys make pompous comments while waiting in line, such as "If it looks the same, how will people know I upgraded?" and an exchange between two fanboys that goes as follows:

Fanboy 1: I could never get a Samsung, I'm creative.

Fanboy 2: Dude you're a barista.

Check it out for youselves:

Source: YouTube

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RE: Very well done
By Omega215D on 11/23/2011 2:48:30 PM , Rating: 5
Hey, since Apple and their fans had no qualms about berating PC and Android users they have no right to complain about this little nugget of advertising. Hell, this thing isn't even far from the truth.

RE: Very well done
By Tony Swash on 11/23/11, Rating: -1
RE: Very well done
By Omega215D on 11/23/2011 4:17:36 PM , Rating: 2
The Apple commercials attack PC and thinly veiled attack on the users, the Mac cultists attack the users of PC and Android and deeming those that use 'em are inferior or irrational beings. Watch The Cult of Mac sometime... but then again you might not get it because you, yourself, is part of the cult.

The iPhone commercials are the same in nature as are the iPhone/ Apple cultists.

RE: Very well done
By Tony Swash on 11/23/11, Rating: -1
RE: Very well done
By Reclaimer77 on 11/23/2011 6:19:57 PM , Rating: 3
The nearly three year old iPhone 3GS already outsells all Android handsets in the US.

Outsells my ass! It's a free phone. I'm sure if Android gave away Galaxies for 99 cents they would "outsell" everyone too lmao.

Tony you're a trip.

And you're totally wrong, the ad is genius. Jobs is dead. Now is the PERFECT time to chip away at this ridiculous manufactured sub-culture he created. There's a word here that you're refusing to use; ignorance. The ad doesn't portray Apple's popularity, but only the ignorance of those who make it so.

The add can't really "fail", Samsung doesn't need it to succeed. Their sales are very strong already. Any customers gained, and there will be many, make it a success.

RE: Very well done
By abhaxus on 11/24/2011 2:55:35 AM , Rating: 5
Had someone ask me the other day about the iphone 4s. I asked them why they were sure it was the phone for them. Their response: "well, it's the iphone, it's the best phone right?"

they were holding an evo, so I asked, "well, did you know the iphone is only a 3G device? and that it doesn't include turn by turn navigation?"

They didn't believe me. The moronic Apple subculture has managed to convince people that they are the end-all-be-all of devices. That's fine, IMO. Let the morons get an iPhone. I'm perfectly happy to have the CHOICE to purchase an android phone, and the CHOICE to customize it how I see fit.

RE: Very well done
By nocturne_81 on 11/23/2011 6:36:35 PM , Rating: 2
Eh, sad but true... I'm sure if Apple rebranded an old winmobile 2k3se smartphone as the 'iPhone Zero' for free with a contract, they'd sell out instantly and hold up the entire low end market.

But, just because it's true doesn't make it any less ridiculous... lol

RE: Very well done
By Reclaimer77 on 11/23/2011 5:00:11 PM , Rating: 3
Exactly, Apple attacking the PC is the same negative advertising technique that you're slamming Samsung for on this ad. Be consistent. Everyone in that commerical was a paid actor, no "Apple users" are being attacked. Only their Cult of Ignorance and Omnipotence is.

RE: Very well done
By kleinma on 11/23/11, Rating: 0
RE: Very well done
By Omega215D on 11/23/2011 5:27:32 PM , Rating: 4
Oh the irony of that 1984 Apple commercial.

RE: Very well done
By nocturne_81 on 11/23/2011 6:31:53 PM , Rating: 3
I take it you don't follow the results of various hacking conventions like DefCON, which award prizes to hackers for exploits...

Really sad but true, and entirely prozen... you take a Mac device, a PC, and a linux box and stick them in a room full of hackers... First box to go down is always the Mac box... second is always *nix, due to extremely well published enterprise vulnerabilities, and last -- the windows box.

Honestly, how many mac users do you know? I'll give Apple their credit with the iCraze, but they haven't even touched pc market share since the advent of the iMAC. On the pc platform, they get 5% tops... exactly where they've been stuck for the last 20 years.

RE: Very well done
By Tony Swash on 11/23/11, Rating: -1
RE: Very well done
By ShaolinSoccer on 11/23/2011 8:31:59 PM , Rating: 2
the Mac world is overwhelmingly free of malware.

lol, Macs ARE malware! Every person I know of that own Macs have run into all sorts of problems with trying to get software to run properly on it. And as soon as there's an update, that software starts to fail. Your best bet is to not even install anything on it or dual boot...

RE: Very well done
By Tony Swash on 11/24/11, Rating: -1
RE: Very well done
By alcalde on 11/24/2011 9:13:53 PM , Rating: 2
Double-digit growth of tiny numbers doesn't actually mean much. Windows has what, 85% or 90% of the market? It's not possible for them to have double-digit growth, is it?

Look at it this way: the Apple desktop only has a few times the market share of the Linux desktop, and Linux has no marketing department and spends $0 on advertising.

RE: Very well done
By nocturne_81 on 11/24/2011 6:01:39 AM , Rating: 3
Well, personally I have only once personally experienced an infection on one of my a windows pc's... the blaster worm, more than a decade ago (got it from napster... lol)... I wasn't even running any av software back then (not many were). The only ever comparable annoyance I ever had was back during pre-sp1 XP when pinging certain ports caused the rpc client to crash (simple kpf firewall rule fixed that). Since then (yes, about a decade now) I have never encountered any problems with a windows box that I wasn't asking for.

Contrastingly, all my tech-incompetent family members that switched over during the iCraze... well, they haven't been so lucky. My sister hasn't been able to print in two years -- can't figure out how to clear the queue (though, I'd consider it a minor problem compared to buying 4 macbooks in 3 years..). But hey -- not my problem if a mac user isn't bright enough to google it. I can just say I only do pc's, and let the laughter build inside. Not to mention how nasty some of those quicktime exploits can be... Thank god I'm on a windows box where security updates are free, even if you have an illegal copy -- unlike Mac, where updates are sparse, and typically cost money.

RE: Very well done
By TakinYourPoints on 11/26/11, Rating: 0
RE: Very well done
By RjBass on 11/28/2011 11:16:25 AM , Rating: 2
Every time Apple comes out with a new version of OSX they charge around $30 for it and call it a new cat name when under the hood it is just the same OS with a few new updates and security fixes.

When Microsoft releases a new version of the same OS they call it a Service Pack or SP. They too include new updates and security fixes, but they don't charge a single penny for it.

Does that answer your question?

RE: Very well done
By TakinYourPoints on 11/29/2011 4:37:13 AM , Rating: 2
Point releases are similar, OS 10.7.1, 10.7.2, 10.7.3, etc. Security updates and bug fixes, totally free.

I've been through every upgrade of Windows since 2.0 and OS X since 10.2 (20+ years compared to 9), and OS X updates are similarly significant. In the case of 10.4 it was a more substantial upgrade than even the move from XP to Vista in terms of under the hood changes and features added. 10.5 and 10.7 are as big as any major Windows version I've seen.

So no, your assumptions regarding service packs and OS X updates are completely incorrect.

"Paying an extra $500 for a computer in this environment -- same piece of hardware -- paying $500 more to get a logo on it? I think that's a more challenging proposition for the average person than it used to be." -- Steve Ballmer

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