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Canalys is including iPad sales in its estimates

A new study predicts that Apple will become the leading global PC provider by the second half of 2012.

Canalys, an independent analyst house that offers smart market insights to IT, expects Apple to surpass Hewlett-Packard to become the top global PC vendor before the second half of 2012 with help from the iPad 3.

"Apple has seen its PC market share expand from 9 percent to 15 percent in just four quarters, though iPad shipments in its core market -- the United States -- are likely to come under pressure in Q4 due to the launch of the Fire and Nook at extremely competitive price points," said Tim Coulling, Canalys analyst. "HP and Apple will fight for top position in Q4, but Apple may have to wait for the release of iPad 3 before it passes HP."

Apple iPad 2

According to Canalys' predictions, Apple has already made its way into the No. 2 spot in the worldwide PC market in Q3 2011 largely due to the success of the iPad. Canalys expects full-year 2011 global PC shipments to hit 415 million mainly due to heightened iPad sales.

In addition, iPad shipments are expected to hit 59 million units by the end of 2011 with Q4 accounting for 22 million alone.

Canalys predicts that North America PC shipments will reach 103 million for 2011 entirely, with 32 million units accounting for Q4 alone. The popularity of pads has increased 2011 volumes, growing 18 percent year-on-year. The EMEA PC market, however, will contract 6 percent at an annual rate (excluding pads).

Apple MacBook Air

The study also noted that netbooks have helped with 2011 PC growth, with shipments expected to reach 211 million with a 10 percent year-on-year increase. Ultrabooks, on the other hand, need a significant price drop in order to increase adoption.

Canalys says Apple's domination is due to competitor's inability to "produce comparable devices at attractive prices."

Source: Canalys

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RE: Gruber says........
By Tony Swash on 11/22/2011 6:17:20 AM , Rating: 0
apple is wildly profitable lately thanks to ipod, iphone , iPad, but big? No , not even close. With their high prices and closed platform they still risk fading fast as cheaper open platforms take over like pc did over mac in the 90s. If apple wants to play in the big leagues, they need to open up, branch out, make far more models with different features high and AND low end and lower their prices dramatically. Not impossible, but unlikely.

Apple is doomed!!

Actually Apple is the big league now.

In the most recent year:

Microsoft and Intel added together gets this:
Revenue 113
Operating Income 43
Profit 34

Apple's figures in the most recent year are:
Revenue 108 billion
Operating Income 33 billion
Profit 25 billion

So Apple is bigger than either Microsoft and Intel individually in terms of any metric including revenue, operating income and profit.

Apple is nearly as big as Microsoft and Intel combined in revenue, operating income and profit and will probably pass them in all three metrics sometime in the next year, possibly in the next quarter.

Apple has enough cash reserves to just about buy both Microsoft and Intel.

It really is later than you realise.

You guys love the past so much you should get a time machine :)

RE: Gruber says........
By retrospooty on 11/22/2011 7:08:16 AM , Rating: 2
Your not gettin' it. Yes Apple is more profitable right now. Profit is not largeness or "big". Profit is money.

If Apple were to stop making products today, the world would beat on. If MS were to stop, the financial world would grid to a halt. Even Apple manufacturing would stop. Every plant that make s every Mac, and pad is made using PC's and the enterprise software they run on. The entire world run on MS software. People just "play" on Apple products.

I am not saying Apple is "doomed" They make good stuff that people like. Good for them. I am just saying you are over-inflating thier importance in this world. They are no-where near being able to accomplish what MS has. Not by a log long long longshot, and add some extra length just to be fair.

RE: Gruber says........
By Tony Swash on 11/22/11, Rating: 0
RE: Gruber says........
By retrospooty on 11/22/2011 6:00:13 PM , Rating: 2
No, you are confusing profit with importance. YOU said Apple is bigger than MS - Simply not true. Apple makes expensive toys that alot of people like. I am not taking that away from them, I say hats off to them. They have changed the tech industry for the better and I hope they continue to do so.

But dont confuse profitable toys with importance. The entire world runs off MS software, including every manufacturer that makes every single Apple product, including Mac's. As fun as Apple's toys are, they arent anywhere near as "big" as MS and have absolutely no chance of getting there.

"What would I do? I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders." -- Michael Dell, after being asked what to do with Apple Computer in 1997

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