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Microsoft Kinect camera  (Source: Microsoft )
Accelerator program also gives the ten chosen firms money, hardware, and a chance to raise more money from investors

The Microsoft Kinect first came to market as a motion gaming controller. That controller started slow with lukewarm reviews of the hardware and a small catalog of games. Despite the early reviews, the Kinect sold surprisingly well with about 8 million of the controllers moved in its first 60 days of availability.
It wasn’t long before there were man different people and organizations taking the Kinect and hacking it to perform duties that Microsoft may not have envisioned. We saw hacks to get the Kinect to aid in medical procedures, create visual interfaces, and more.
Microsoft is now preparing to help teach developers around the country what it takes to make the Kinect work for products on the Xbox or Windows computers.
The precise and easy to use gesture controls could really change the face of computing if developers can come up with compelling software and interactions for the device. To help train developers Microsoft is choosing ten different developer firms and individuals to come to Seattle for three months to learn the system in and out. The ten people or startups will participate in what Microsoft calls the Kinect Accelerator program and will work out of the Kinect Accelerator office.
During the program, the participants will learn all they need to create things for Xbox and the PC that will work with Kinect. The chosen people or startups get more than three months of free training though. They are also being given $20,000, an Xbox dev kit, and the Windows Kinect SDK. After the training is over for the program and the startups get their ideas perfected, Microsoft will put them in front of angel investors, venture capitalists, and media to try to land additional funding.
Microsoft is certainly hoping that the Kinect Accelerator program will yield some impressive ideas that will result in popular products that will take the Kinect to the next level. There is a catch though. All of the companies that are accepted into the program must give the TechStars organization a 6% stake in their businesses. TechStars is an organization that mentors tech startups and helps provide starting funding.
The ideas that have surfaced for the Kinect outside of gaming so far have been varied and impressive. The TechStars blog has a video that shows some of the potential uses ranging from making it easy to view x-rays in an operating room without touching anything to use in the field with military soldiers using Kinect and a robot to disarm a bomb. 

Source: TechWorld

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RE: Kinect Holds the World Record
By someguy123 on 11/21/2011 10:37:30 PM , Rating: 2
Anyways, yeah considering the 4S sold 4M in the first 3 days after launch, I'm sure that stat is outdated.

I'm assuming it's a launch window stat, rather than an immediate sales stat. Apple device sales are immediate but they don't sell millions every day, partially because they simply can't produce that many units. Likely that the 4M figure from early sales are a bulk of the total units produced within the 60 day window.

On the side of your side note: the Kinect will pick up when they introduce the Kinect 2 with HD cams and stronger processor. the possiblities are endless but the tech had to be tested first, imagine when the Kinect will not only use the arms and legs as controls but even be able to read finger signals. or even facial expressions!

I think the Kinect can already do this. Microsoft limits the bandwidth it can use on the 360, likely to ensure that it doesn't rob bandwidth from the controller slots. There are a lot of creative hacks posted online using the kinect, showing features not demonstrated by default.

RE: Kinect Holds the World Record
By Mitch101 on 11/22/2011 2:35:31 PM , Rating: 2
Finger Singals
A while back I recall reading how the Kinect is capable of reading sign language and a quick search shows there are some videos out there of it but I recall they scaled back the camera resolution to cut costs.

Kinect also uses IR and actually tracks the user in 3d space with forward and back.

And if the Apple people just cant let go of it Kinect was originally presented to Apple.

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