The 7900GS configuration showed up on Dell's website late last week
Rejoice, another NVIDIA component is here!

The Dell XPS 600, the computer that makes every man drool and/or cry, just received an interesting downgrade.  According to the online configuration, the XPS 600 can now be equipped with one or two of NVIDIA GeForce 7900GS adaptors. The only problem is the GeForce 7900GS doesn't exist yet.

NVIDIA announced a GeForce Go 7900GS simultaneously with Toshiba back in March, but the GeForce Go 7900GS is much different than the desktop component. The new GeForce 7900GS component comes has 256MB of onboard GDDR3.  The main difference between the GeForce 7900GT and the 7900GS, according to NVIDIA roadmaps, is that a single quad has been disabled (bringing the total number of pixels per clock to 20) and the graphics core and memory are clocked lower.  NVIDIA encourages the manufacturers to set clock frequencies at will.

The difference on Dell's website between a single GeForce 7900GS and dual GeForce 7900GS setups was $250, so if the card ever hits the retail market we can expect to see a retail price around $250. A decent GeForce 7900GT, with 24 pixels per clock, usually runs a little over $300.

NVIDIA is expected to announce new video cards on May 15, 2006,  including the GeForce 7300GT and GeForce 7950GX2.

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