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Ford Focus Electric
Ford Focus Electric won't come cheap

We first brought you news of the production Ford Focus Electric earlier this year when it was officially unveiled at CES 2011 in Las Vegas. Now, Ford has spilled the beans on how much the all-electric car will cost when it debuted next year.
According to Ford's new online price configurator/reservation page, the Focus Electric will have a base price of $39,200 plus a destination charge of $795 bringing the total to $39,995. Since the U.S. government is handing money out left and right for "green" vehicles, the price of the Ford Focus Electric drops to $32,495 after a $7,500 federal tax credit.
To put this pricing in perspective, the all-electric Nissan Leaf has a base MSRP of $36,050 while the Chevrolet Volt has a base MSRP of $39,995. Both of those figures are before the $7,500 federal tax credit is taken into consideration.
The Focus Electric is powered by a 123hp (181 lb-ft torque) electric motor and a 23 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that was co-developed with LG Chem. Top speed for the vehicle is a relatively meager 84 mph.
There’s no word on how far the Focus Electric will go on a charge, but we’re guessing that it will be targeting the Nissan’s Leaf’s EPA rating of 73 miles on a charge.

Source: Ford Focus Electric Homepage

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By lightfoot on 11/2/2011 6:54:56 PM , Rating: 2
I thought it was well understood that electric vehicles are, at this point, a statement more than anything else.

Then why the hell is our government subsidizing them so heavily?? If they are just a status symbol for the upper middle class they shouldn't be given massive tax credits. I don't care who you are, Dem or Rep, Conservative or Liberal, taking tax dollars to subsidize the toys of the wealthy doesn't make ANY sense.

Government tax incentives should be toward R&D, if anything, not production.

By sigmatau on 11/2/2011 8:28:02 PM , Rating: 5
They are not subsidizing it nearly as much as the oil industry. Isn't that the more important question? Why is the government subsidizing something that is profitable more than something that is not but will be so beneficial to its citizens?

By YashBudini on 11/3/2011 12:29:30 AM , Rating: 3

Yeah, much like the corn industry apparently.

By Spuke on 11/2/2011 10:17:12 PM , Rating: 3
Why is the government subsidizing something that is profitable more than something that is not but will be so beneficial to its citizens?
Explain how oil is not beneficial.

By Solandri on 11/3/2011 1:33:01 AM , Rating: 4
They are not subsidizing it nearly as much as the oil industry.

Sigh, not this again.

Per unit of energy produced, oil is subsidized much, much less than green energy initiatives. Subsidies for oil amount to less than a penny per dollar you spend on gas, while subsidies for solar are nearly a quarter per dollar you spend on panels.

I really wish people for green energy would drop this ridiculous argument. It's embarrassing. It's like complaining that it's unfair that your neighbor got a 10x bigger tax return than you did, while omitting that you're single while your neighbor is an apartment complex with 500 residents.

By ebakke on 11/3/2011 9:19:02 AM , Rating: 3
I agree with one slight change to your first sentence:

I think the point is NO subsidies.

By sigmatau on 11/5/2011 3:20:20 PM , Rating: 2
Sigh, thanks for not addressing most of my post.

Why are we subsidizing a profitable industry that is hurting our citizens instead of one that is not profitable yet but would be more beneficial?

Now ready my post carefully as I did not mince words.

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