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A trailer for the new game will be released on the site Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rockstar Games has officially announced the next segment of its GTA series: "Grand Theft Auto V."

Rockstar Games' website doesn't offer any details, such as release date, platforms, or which Rockstar Games studio will make the game. It simply shows the new logo.

However, a trailer for the new game will be released on the site Wednesday, November 2, 2011.

According to VG247, "Grand Theft Auto V's" location is to be set in Hollywood, and a 2012 release seems likely. More specifically, a holiday 2012 release may be in the works. VG247 also predicts that the game will be made in the Rockstar North studio in Edinburgh.

"Grand Theft Auto," which is a game that allows players to take on the role of individuals rising in the ranks of organized crime by completing different missions such as motor vehicle theft, was originally released in October 1997. "Grand Theft Auto 2" launched in 1999, "Grand Theft Auto lll" was released in 2001, and "Grand Theft Auto lV" launched in 2008. In between many of these releases were others, such as "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" and "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas."

Sources: Rockstar Games, VG247

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RE: Grr...
By Aloonatic on 10/26/2011 8:09:39 AM , Rating: 2
I've had a few conversations about RDR elsewhere, and it seems to be one of those games that people either really love, or just don't really see the point of.

To be fair, maybe I should just never have bought the game in the first place, as I'm not really into the whole western thing. It's just not something that I'm interested in. Probably as it's not part of my cultural upbringing I guess.

So when you strip away all the "atmosphere" of a location that I don't really care about, and being a cowboy in the wild west is not something that I've ever (personally) thought about or fantasised about, then the game itself needed to be interesting, and that's where it all fell down.

I loved the earlier GTA games (up to Vice City Probably) but I think they've become stale and just seem to repeat themselves too often, without there being a great deal of change between versions.

There's a stand-up in the uk who does a routine about gaming, who points out that on one of his "days off" (whatever that means for a stand up comedian) he was playing GTA IV and realised that he was just driving a car across town, but having to do it discreetly as he couldn't attract the attention of the Police, so he was actually spending his spare time "playing" at being stuck in rush-hour traffic.

There are plenty of games that do the same thing as GTA now, like Assassin's creed, and IMHO I think that they do it better in many ways, which might seem odd coming from me, as I'd previously moaned about RDR being GTA but without the cars and rocket launchers and music... Which I realise that you can apply to Assissn's Cred too. However, the story in RDR just didn't interest me, and I was so bored at times so maybe I just wasn't paying attention as it really turned into a dull grind for me to get to the end, which I must admit, I wasn't all that excited about either.

Whereas Assassin's Creed just seems to work a lot better (character movement is a lot better, IMHO) and while I realise that it is also guilty of just making you repeat the same missions again and again, in subtly different forms, it just seems a lot more interesting, and the story lines (on going through the series, in the particular episode and in Animus) seem a lot more interesting too.

Maybe it all just comes down to the fact that I'm European, so I don't care about cowboys or find the whole notion of the wild-west all that "romantic", while medieval Europe seems a lot more interesting as it's part of my heritage?

I hope that makes sense, written quickly in a break :o)

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