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Move is the latest step in webOS's painful death march

If webOS fans are to be believed, Hewlett-Packard Company (HPQ) is killing a good thing.  

While never achieving mainstream sales success on the magnitude of its competitors, webOS did generate a great deal of enthusiasm for its slick multitasking and other forward-thinking features.  But HP pulled the plug on all webOS hardware in August.  A leadership change with ex-eBay, Inc. (EBAY) CEO Meg Whitman replacing embattled CEO Léo Apotheker did nothing to reverse this process.  And HP's layoffs of the webOS team have decimated the beloved OS's prospects.

Now webOS may have been dealt its final deathblow.  HP Chief Strategy Officer Shane Robinson was reportedly the sole party to object to killing webOS entirely after HP decided to kill the device lineup.  He argued to hang onto webOS and continue some development to keep the door open for future opportunities.

But on Thursday HP announced that Mr. Robinson was about to retire after eleven years with the company.  With Mr. Robinson's depart on November 1, the last major support of webOS will vanish, paving the way for HP to bury the technology for good.

Shane Robinson
Shane Robinson was webOS's last lion.  Now he's retiring. [Source: NAB 2007]

In its press release, HP praised Mr. Robinson's accomplishments, commenting:

In his role, he was responsible for shaping HP's corporate strategy and technology agenda.  He was instrumental in steering the company's multibillion-dollar research and development investment and has led many of the company's largest merger and acquisition activities.

New CEO Meg Whitman called Mr. Robinson a powerful innovator, but said that his position would not be filled.  Instead it will be dissolved in what HP claims is "an effort to drive strategy, research and development closer to the company's businesses."

As for webOS, as they say, "it's not over till the fat lady sings", but with Mr. Robinson out of the picture at HP, it looks like that lady has started her warmups for the final act.

Source: HP

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By augiem on 10/21/2011 5:39:26 PM , Rating: 2
webOS joins the ranks of Amiga. They will be there to always remind us that the better product does not win over better marketing. RIP

RE: sad
By retrospooty on 10/22/2011 11:16:14 AM , Rating: 2
"webOS joins the ranks of Amiga. They will be there to always remind us that the better product does not win over better marketing. RIP "

Well, there is more to it than that. If you wanna place blame, it's Palm's fail on that. Palm failed for years leading up to WebOS with their worse than aweful hardware, then put WebOS on aweful hardware and didnt market for Crap. Too many stories of users on thier 8 and 9th Treo repair cycle (True stories). When the major carriers are sick and tired of dealing with Palms defective handsets, they dont buy alot or push them alot and thus here we are. Palm killed itself. HP didnt help at all.

As far as Web OS... I loved, it, but if you break it down, its wasnt a wholy great OS. It was a phenominal UI on a decent OS. Hopefully someone buys it or copies it.

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