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Issues continue for struggling phonemaker

Waterloo, Ontario-based Research in Motion, Ltd. (TSE:RIM) hardly needs more bad news.  The smartphone maker was once growing at a rapid pace globally in the U.S.  Now it has seen its growth slow globally, and has seen itself losing market share and, more importantly, unit sales in the U.S.  To top it off, the company forced customers to suffer through days without service, thanks to a global service malfunction.  With investors calling for either the company to sell itself or to adopt sweeping management changes, the time for decisive action is now.

RIM has seemingly taken the type of bold moves necessary, unveiling relatively impressive new hardware, and a slick new OS based on its recent acquisition QNX.  But in an embarassing twist, it maybe forced to change the name of that new OS from BBX.

After announcing the new OS at its fourth annual BlackBerry Developer Conference (DevCon) in San Francisco, Calif., it was revealed that RIM ignored that there was already a preexisting service of this name.

BASIS Technology Corp., a business software firm, owns trademarks internationally on BBx [press release].  BBx is in fact the company's flagship service, which it describes as an "operating system independent language, database, and toolset", elaborating that the service offers "OS-agnostic language that runs on numerous OSs, Java platforms, and JavaScript-enabled browsers."

BASIS Technology says it is suing RIM to prevent the use of its trademark, commenting, "[A] new BlackBerry operating system (OS) named "BBX" is causing great confusion for the worldwide BASIS community and could potentially harm BASIS' [sic] reputation for enabling cross-platform application development....We are fielding numerous customer inquiries voicing their confusion about the RIM announcement."

RIM announces BBX... just kidding! [Source: RIM]

RIM claims it did nothing wrong.  It writes, "RIM has not yet received a copy of the legal complaint described in Basis International's press release, but we do not believe the marks are confusing, particularly since our respective companies are in different lines of business."

But ultimately RIM and BASIS Technology both run internet services, so the possibility for confusion is high, especially considering that RIM precisely copied the name of BASIS's flagship product.

This is an unfortunate situation for RIM as retracting the name would create customer confusion and add another item to the long list of company problems.  BBX seemed the perfect name as it's a natural word blend of "BlackBerry" and "QNX".  But apparently RIM has fallen victim to yet another potentially serious setbak.

Sources: BASIS, CIO

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RE: Really guys, do you not own computers?
By retrospooty on 10/22/2011 9:09:11 AM , Rating: 1
LOL... Wow, a triple post. I must have really hit a troll nerve there. Maybe I wasnt "Feeding the troll", maybe I was pucking rocks at him. =)

I love how you read my post then called me illiterate. LOL. How exactly does that work?

Anyhow, yes, MS screwed the pooch bigtime with thier mobile strategy. What of it? It's been mismanaged as bad as anything I have seen in hte smartphone industry, and its still better than RIM's BB OS7, (and yes I have used OS7). Dont compare QNX because it isn't out on a PHONE yet, and not even close enough to be announced on a phone yet. When it comes out, we will give it a fair shot.

Anyhow, I was not replying to you, I replied to someone else. I am done with you on this. There is no conversating with you because you ignore facts you don't want to hear and pick and choose the few that support your agenda. Then you change the subject and have arguments that are totally unrelated and insult people that disagree with you and you KNOW IT. Need proof, look at the 3 posts above you did last night. There is no argument with you, because you are right in your strange mind. You are right, because you ignore major facts and exaggerate minor ones. How can any real debate be had with ignorance at the table pounding his fists? Bah, you have been outed and that is all I was after. You can fade away now.

Oh, remember that bet you are too afraid to take on RIM's future? Let me just leave it at this... I cant wait until this time next year when RIM's decline is undeniable. I wonder what you will say then. I wonder, with the weekly bad news and fails at RIM, at what point will you finally accept it internally, just to yourself? Or have you already? At what point will you admit it on this forum? It will be interesting to see. I will be here next year. Anandtech has been my start page since 1998, so I am here for the long haul. Cant wait for this next year. Its going to be fun in the SF industry.

Meanwhile RIM made the street "5 dumbest things on wall street" list LOL@RIM&YOU

RE: Really guys, do you not own computers?
By Pirks on 10/22/11, Rating: 0
RE: Really guys, do you not own computers?
By retrospooty on 10/22/2011 10:51:54 AM , Rating: 2
ROFL... OK, you win Pirks you have ignored A and exaggerated B as expected... Therefore you must be corect - RIM is poised to excel this year. See you in October '12. =)

By Pirks on 10/22/2011 11:04:49 AM , Rating: 2
Doh, like your exaggeration of A and ignorance of B is any better :)

RE: Really guys, do you not own computers?
By Cheesew1z69 on 10/22/2011 11:34:44 AM , Rating: 2

RE: Really guys, do you not own computers?
By retrospooty on 10/22/2011 2:12:08 PM , Rating: 2
"Sigh.. "

I know, its not even like a "glass half full" thing with this nutjob. I could see if it was, like I see it as half empty, and he sees it half full, but RIM's glass is 90% empty - and that's being extremely lenient to RIM. Not acknowledging the 90% and getting angry at those of us who fail to concentrate on the 10% is just funny.

Pirks could easily argue that Japan won world war2.... Japan decimated the US navy at Pearl harbor you troll! I am right and you are wrong. - LOL

RE: Really guys, do you not own computers?
By Pirks on 10/22/2011 8:25:05 PM , Rating: 1
RIM's glass doesn't matter, who cares if it's full or not. What matters is your lies and my facts. You lie and I uncover your lies. Forget about RIM man, concentrate on that instead. THAT is the problem, not RIM!

I don't mind you slapping down RIM on facts, you can laugh at RIM for the US market share coming down, this is valid, but why would you lie about RIM being slowest (MS is slower) or about BB phones screen size (they are bigger than iPhone's) or about their OS architecture being as ancient as old Android? Can't you avoid lies when trying to slap RIM down?

RE: Really guys, do you not own computers?
By retrospooty on 10/23/2011 9:30:34 AM , Rating: 2
This is exactly why conversations cannot be had with you. [tosh.o] In this weeks breakdown, lets take a look at why Pirks is off his nut....

"why would you lie about RIM being slowest (MS is slower)"
Lets just assume for the sake of this argument that BBOS7 is on par with the rest. I was really taking about Palm, and Android, but since you want to ignore that and single out MS (which is NOT exactly doing well in the mobile OS sector) Win Phone7 came out a year ago and BBOS7 just came out. 4 1/2 years after IOS announcement.

or about BB phones screen size (they are bigger than iPhone's)

Again, where did I say that? I said, "I wonder if by 2014 RIM will break the 4 inch LCD barrier" and of course, you IGNORE all the awesome android phones with 4 and higher screens and act outraged that I compared it agains Apples 3.5 inch screen. That leap happens in your head and is exactly why a true debate cannot be had with you.

or about their OS architecture being as ancient as old Android"
I think what you meant I said was this "It took RIM 4 1/2 years to come out with OS7 and its STILL not on par with Android 2.x and IOS4" - yes, I stand behind that. I played with it once in a wireless store and also while setting up one of my users mobile mail, it doesn't support EAS like every other smartphone on earth does, and the rest is just there. Its not impressive by any means. Most reviewers agree, I get that you don't, but you ignore and exaggerate to suit your needs so your opinion means zero to me.

Now, please don't even bother picking and choosing lines from above to distort, because I really dont care for your opinion again. At some point this conversation has to end . Obviously we are not going to agree. I read your points above and I totally disagree. The only thing left to do is wait and see what actually happens...

The bet: By October next year, there won’t be any way for RIM to hide behind creative data reporting and "pick and choose" facts. RIM’s numbers will be down all over , sales, marketshare, everything, everywhere and it will be undeniable.

Get it now?

RE: Really guys, do you not own computers?
By Cheesew1z69 on 10/23/2011 7:57:21 PM , Rating: 2
He will never get it unfortunately.

By Pirks on 10/25/2011 2:18:03 PM , Rating: 1
haha here's a treat for fucking dumb cheesy clown ==>>

retro, you should eat that one too, should help a bit with your trolling

good luck!

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