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Traffic accidents in Abu Dhabi decreased by 40 percent last week, and a 20 percent drop occurred in Dubai

Millions of BlackBerry users around the world experienced an outage last week that lasted for as long as four days. While such an event was frustrating for most who use Research In Motion's (RIMs) BlackBerry devices for work, police officers say the lack of mobile use was a good thing for roadways.

According to police in the United Arab Emirates, the inability to text or read emails during the BlackBerry outage last week led to less traffic accidents in the area.

Traffic accidents in Abu Dhabi decreased by 40 percent last week, and a 20 percent drop occurred in Dubai. Lt Gen Khalfan Tamiim, the chief of Dubai Police, and Brig Gen Hussein Al Harethi, director of the Abu Dhabi Police traffic department, said that the decrease in traffic accidents is attributed to the BlackBerry outage that began Monday, October 10.

"Absolutely nothing has happened in the past week in terms of killings on the road and we're really glad about that," said Harethi. "People are slowly starting to realize the dangers of using their phone while driving. The roads became much safer when BlackBerry stopped working."

According to RIM, there are 70 million BlackBerry users around the globe. The outage began in Europe, the Middle East and Africa on Monday, October 10, then spread to South America and Asia on Tuesday, and the United States and Canada on Wednesday. RIM apologized and offered free premium apps to compensate for the disruption.

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RE: Math
By dgingerich on 10/18/2011 12:53:49 PM , Rating: 4
After almost being run over by a mortgage insurance executive in a parking lot, driving his Ford F-250 dualie with his hands on his BB at the top of the steering wheel, I'd say it's more likely 100% of BB users cause accidents, eventually.

RE: Math
By ClownPuncher on 10/18/2011 1:16:28 PM , Rating: 2
What you say seems to be fact. I cannot refute anecdotal evidence.

RE: Math
By The Raven on 10/18/2011 2:27:15 PM , Rating: 2
I also was almost run over by a mortgage insurance executive driving his Ford F-250 dualie with his hands on his BB at the top of the steering wheel. Luckily the light turned yellow and susequntly red, and he slowed to a stop.

On the other hand I was ACTUALLY rear ended by a teenager who didn't own a cell phone in 1998.

RE: Math
By MrBlastman on 10/18/2011 3:08:04 PM , Rating: 4
Since we're being anecdotal, back in 1999 I happened to be rear ended by a woman (get the dirty thoughts out of your head right now) driving a pickup truck while she was yacking on her cellphone. When I got out of her car, I quickly noted to myself that she was _not_ a mortgage insurance executive.

I did, however, want to grab her phone that was still firmly clutched in her hand and throw it at her, but I did now. I will go on record saying that what I _did_ note to myself was her friend that came to help her (whom let me use her phone as I had no cellphone at the time) was modestly attractive.

Unfortunately, due to the prior rear-ending and utter pain in the azz that it all caused (not to mention back pain), I was not in the mood at the time to pursue a potential repeat-rear ender. It could have turned out to be a painful relationship. I already had my bumper permanently modified once and that was enough.

RE: Math
By MrBlastman on 10/18/2011 3:09:31 PM , Rating: 2
Sorry, please change "When I got out of her car" to "When I got out of my car." However, when you think about it, when I got out of "her" car sure makes it more interesting.

RE: Math
By The Raven on 10/18/2011 5:23:51 PM , Rating: 2
For some reason I have a Billy Ocean song stuck in my head now...

RE: Math
By MrBlastman on 10/18/2011 10:50:31 PM , Rating: 2
Ahhh the wonderful 80's... Such great tunes.

RE: Math
By foolsgambit11 on 10/18/2011 5:06:44 PM , Rating: 2
Hey, was that me? I'm sure I was the only teenager to rear-end somebody in 1998.

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