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BAE F-35 Helmet  (Source: BAE Systems)
Fancy futuristic JSF helmet still not working

Schools are already in place to train fresh F-35 pilots now that the aircraft are inching closer to actual service duty. However, one thing that was still questionable was the wild looking helmet that is intended to give the pilot a 360-degree view around the aircraft.
The problem is that the high-tech helmet that the F-35 program needs is having some significant issues with performance. Specifically, the maker of the JSF helmet, Vision Systems International, has been unable to get high quality images displayed on the pilot’s visor.
Since the availability of that fancy helmet is questionable, a contract to create another helmet with less technology crammed in has been granted to BAE Systems.
BAE is using a version of the helmet that Eurofighter Typhoon pilots use. The Typhoon display that would be in the helmet is being removed and it is being replaced with a set of night vision goggles and a single eyepiece showing the heads-up display HUD.
"BAE Systems Electronic Systems is proud to be a part of the Lockheed Martin team for the F-35 HMD,” said Jim Garceau, vice president and general manager of defense avionics for BAE Systems. “The NVG HMD will enable all aspects of flight operations and it allows us to build on our long history of successful development programs with Lockheed Martin on the F-35, F-16 and F-22 programs.”
The helmet will also incorporate the BAE Q-sight and head tracking technology to help with precise weapons delivery. The modular design also allows an upgrade path for pilots to binocular visor-projected displays, alternate image sources, and night vision.
The helmet can also be easily modified if it becomes the main helmet for the F-35.

Sources: DefenseTech, BAE Systems

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RE: Pfft
By Bad-Karma on 10/18/2011 5:05:36 PM , Rating: 3
You need to call your physician, your meds are a bit to high.

And there is your problem. Education has been on a chopping block for a while, and lets be realistic here, not everyone has the means or intelligence to get a BS in engineering.

Plenty of ditches still need to be dug and at least it's an honest days work.

If a company has 700+ jobs avilable for three years that offer $90k+ a year to start, you seriously think people see that number and say "Well Gee Wiz bang, I'd rather suffer on my paltry sum each month with foodstamps, and limited time on TANF at a terribly low rate!"

If you don't meet our qualifications for our level of jobs then your resume isn't even accepted.

Every years or so, almost like clockwork, the city councils in the area attempt to sue our org for either; not hiring enough people from the local towns; not having a diverse enough workforce; or want to levy a tax on our annual budget.

1.) As military bases around the country get closed or re-aligned we are constantly acquiring new missions (the more missions, the more manpower needed. Right now many are critically understaffed.) The level of job applicant rarely exists in the local area. We then have to spend large sums of money seeking out applicants from around the US and pay to move them into the local area.

2.) Not having a diverse enough workforce: What a joke, We're desperate for manpower but If you don't have the qualifications, don't bother applying (we can't lower out standards just to appease).

3.) This is a federal agency, local governments have no right to tax it, But large chunks of Dayton and the surrounding towns are decrepit welfare communities, so they think we somehow owe it to them.

You are the worst kind of human being, you know that? Do you have any hard facts,

I've put in 42 years serving in the defense of our country and have the scars to prove it. I've endured many hardships and long separations from my family. What the hell have you ever done but whine about how hard and unfair life is?

Let's take it a step further just to piss you off,

I don't pay into Social security, never have and never will. I don't like the fact that congress continually raids the accounts and then squanders it away on social programs. I don't trust that it will be there when I might need it so I keep my own retirement plans well away from the governments reach.

There are no state or federal withholding on my paycheck, I set the same amount aside and pocket the accrued interest from it, not the government. When it comes tax time I max out donations to science and research charities as write offs and simply pay the remaining balance, just so the government can't take it and then give that money to people who didn't earn it and certainly don't deserve it.

I'm a Alaska resident employed on federal property located in Ohio. I won't change my state of residency just so the state of Ohio and the local cities can't take the pay that I earned and waste it on people who didn't.

How's that sit with your whiny liberal sensibilities.

No where, stop putting words in my mouth, kid.

I'm 60, I'm a retired USAF O-6 at 22 years and will be retiring a second time from Government service in just under 2 years at SES pay grades. I've served in battles all over the globe so don't call me "kid", you childish moron.

"Vista runs on Atom ... It's just no one uses it". -- Intel CEO Paul Otellini
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