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BAE F-35 Helmet  (Source: BAE Systems)
Fancy futuristic JSF helmet still not working

Schools are already in place to train fresh F-35 pilots now that the aircraft are inching closer to actual service duty. However, one thing that was still questionable was the wild looking helmet that is intended to give the pilot a 360-degree view around the aircraft.
The problem is that the high-tech helmet that the F-35 program needs is having some significant issues with performance. Specifically, the maker of the JSF helmet, Vision Systems International, has been unable to get high quality images displayed on the pilot’s visor.
Since the availability of that fancy helmet is questionable, a contract to create another helmet with less technology crammed in has been granted to BAE Systems.
BAE is using a version of the helmet that Eurofighter Typhoon pilots use. The Typhoon display that would be in the helmet is being removed and it is being replaced with a set of night vision goggles and a single eyepiece showing the heads-up display HUD.
"BAE Systems Electronic Systems is proud to be a part of the Lockheed Martin team for the F-35 HMD,” said Jim Garceau, vice president and general manager of defense avionics for BAE Systems. “The NVG HMD will enable all aspects of flight operations and it allows us to build on our long history of successful development programs with Lockheed Martin on the F-35, F-16 and F-22 programs.”
The helmet will also incorporate the BAE Q-sight and head tracking technology to help with precise weapons delivery. The modular design also allows an upgrade path for pilots to binocular visor-projected displays, alternate image sources, and night vision.
The helmet can also be easily modified if it becomes the main helmet for the F-35.

Sources: DefenseTech, BAE Systems

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RE: Waste is still waste.
By Reclaimer77 on 10/18/2011 12:19:25 PM , Rating: 2
Here we go, people like you keep throwing the "you must watch Fox News" junk when someone has a differing reason or outlook. Some of which isn't necessarily false.

Lefties have to make attacks like this because they just don't have any better arguments to make. I think deep down inside they know their ideology and beliefs and outlooks on things just don't work, but because most Liberals are emotionally driven younger people, they express themselves poorly and go on the offense.

I don't think automatically when someone doesn't agree with me that "they must watch MSNBC" and that's the end of the argument. I actually try to share my side of the debate and demonstrate to them that they are wrong, completely and utterly.

These kids are just..well Fit, god bless you. Cause I don't think anyone can break through a solid wall of hate and ignorance that these kids are displaying.

I'll just say this, when I see idiots saying things like "The rich just get that way from the backs of others work..." and see so many Americans buying into that garbage, it just makes me sad. In America everyone has the opportunity and freedom to pursue happiness and the best life possible. In fact, the pursuit of happiness is guaranteed here in writing! The only place on Earth that that is the case. It used to be a source of pride and national uniqueness.

An American named George Hinson once had an idea to use wire "twist ties" to keep bread fresh. Such a simple and obvious thing today, I know. This idea lead to a fortune and a revolution in food sealing technology. Hinson's basic idea created an entire industry, and while it certainly made him a rich man, it provided jobs that didn't exist before. Created demand for materials which didn't exist before, allowing material suppliers to expand and create more jobs. And so on and so forth. And who's back did he stand on? Who did he "hold down" and steal from while he earned his fortune I ask you, who?

RE: Waste is still waste.
By Dradien on 10/18/2011 8:01:19 PM , Rating: 1
I stopped reading at "In America everyone has the opportunity and freedom to pursue happiness and the best life possible. In fact, the pursuit of happiness is guaranteed here in writing! ". If you HONEST believe that line of bullshit, then you're smoking some good stuff.

"A lot of people pay zero for the cellphone ... That's what it's worth." -- Apple Chief Operating Officer Timothy Cook
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