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BAE F-35 Helmet  (Source: BAE Systems)
Fancy futuristic JSF helmet still not working

Schools are already in place to train fresh F-35 pilots now that the aircraft are inching closer to actual service duty. However, one thing that was still questionable was the wild looking helmet that is intended to give the pilot a 360-degree view around the aircraft.
The problem is that the high-tech helmet that the F-35 program needs is having some significant issues with performance. Specifically, the maker of the JSF helmet, Vision Systems International, has been unable to get high quality images displayed on the pilot’s visor.
Since the availability of that fancy helmet is questionable, a contract to create another helmet with less technology crammed in has been granted to BAE Systems.
BAE is using a version of the helmet that Eurofighter Typhoon pilots use. The Typhoon display that would be in the helmet is being removed and it is being replaced with a set of night vision goggles and a single eyepiece showing the heads-up display HUD.
"BAE Systems Electronic Systems is proud to be a part of the Lockheed Martin team for the F-35 HMD,” said Jim Garceau, vice president and general manager of defense avionics for BAE Systems. “The NVG HMD will enable all aspects of flight operations and it allows us to build on our long history of successful development programs with Lockheed Martin on the F-35, F-16 and F-22 programs.”
The helmet will also incorporate the BAE Q-sight and head tracking technology to help with precise weapons delivery. The modular design also allows an upgrade path for pilots to binocular visor-projected displays, alternate image sources, and night vision.
The helmet can also be easily modified if it becomes the main helmet for the F-35.

Sources: DefenseTech, BAE Systems

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RE: Waste is still waste.
By FITCamaro on 10/17/2011 10:55:35 PM , Rating: 1
Someone pays $0 taxes after they do their tax return and still gets a several thousand dollar check back every year = redistributing wealth.

No one should have a NEGATIVE tax liability.

And no the banks didn't give the loans because they saw that the people would never be able to pay the money back. Democrats saw this as racist and sued.

RE: Waste is still waste.
By gamerk2 on 10/18/2011 11:19:24 AM , Rating: 2
40% of the countries wealth is in the hands of 400-500 families.

You want to know why we're in recession? Thats why. Fact is, the wealth has been redistributed from the many [middle class] to the few [the top 1%], and we see the end results of that approach to taxation.

And stop with the "base tax rate" nonsense; investments are taxed at only 17%, and there are so many deductions avaliable for business, they pay significantly less then the base tax rate. When the tax code is re-done, deductions HAVE to go for that reason alone.

As for campaign finance, if a CEO wants to put his own cash into advertising, thats fine. Now though, he can double dip: Once personally, and once using the coorporations wallet, using PUBLIC funds. Whats next; giving coorporations the right to vote?

RE: Waste is still waste.
By cruisin3style on 10/18/2011 3:21:16 PM , Rating: 2
I might be misinterpreting your post, but you do realize that people who get a rebate check had that rebate amount taken out of their paychecks over the course of the previous year right?

Or are you saying that it really IS the government's money to do with as they see fit? ;)

RE: Waste is still waste.
By lightfoot on 10/18/2011 6:42:28 PM , Rating: 2
The Earned Income Tax credit in the United States is known as a "refundable tax credit." Refundable means that you can get the full tax credit even if it exceeds your total tax liability. In many cases people get "refund" checks for taxes that they didn't even pay in the first place.

This tax credit is designed to offset the payroll taxes that the working poor pay. This effectively makes the "entitlement" programs defacto welfare programs for the poor.

Personally I am opposed to payroll taxes in the first place because they are terribly regressive. In addition they make people think that Social Security and Medicare are "entitlements" instead of the welfare programs that they really are.

"Folks that want porn can buy an Android phone." -- Steve Jobs
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