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Controversial site was highlighted in a recent Anderson Cooper expose

Reddit -- a social news site operated by Condé Nast parent Advance Publications -- has finally pulled the plug on an embattled category dubbed "r/jailbait".  In an interview with the Daily Dot, Reddit staffer Max Goodman confirms, "The section has been shut down."

A message on the board reads, "This subreddit has been shut down due to threatening the structural integrity of the greater reddit community."

So what was r/jailbait and why was it shut down?

Well as the name suggests it was a section was essentially a monument to some users' ephobophilia -- expressing a sexual preference for teenagers.  The site primarily dealt in individuals 14 and older -- past the typical age of biological puberty -- but had strict rules, given that posting sexual images of anyone under 18 is a cybercrime in the United States.  Thus Reddit required its users, who enthusiastically combed public profiles on sites like Facebook for "hot" teens, to only post pictures of clothed individuals.

The shutdown came when a user post a picture of a 14 year old female that they claimed was their ex-girlfriend.  They mentioned that they had nude pictures of her.  After receiving over 70 request for these pictures, the user posted censored image of the 14 year old nude.

Gawker reports:

According to Matthew Sharkey, a Reddit user who was monitoring the thread at the time, the picture was of a child's face with blond hair. The top and bottom of the image was censored with images of the Power Puff Girls, but Sharkey says that, based on unobscured parts of the image and comments made by TheContortionist, the girl in the picture was engaged in oral sex. (Sharkey notified the FBI about the thread soon after.)

The shutdown irritated many reddit fans, who had expressed enthusiasm about the site's past defense of r/jailbait as "free speech".  Many irrate fans cried "PC bullshit excuses" in posts and laid the blame on Anderson Cooper who recently aired an investigative report on the board.  They claim that Mr. Cooper and reddit's staff are censoring their freedom.

However, these individuals are more than a bit confused.  The Anderson Cooper report actually appeared to boost r/jailbait giving it 30,000 more visitors, 4 million new page views, and more than 1,000 new subscribers to reddit.  And it was reddit itself that made the decision to pull the plug after its users started violating the board's rules.

The board had already shut down once August when a battle between two moderators broke out.  So the shutdown shouldn't exactly come as a surprise to redditors

Ultimately, for better or worst r/jailbait appears to be gone from the online world and ephebophiles-cum-pedobears will have to wander over to 4Chan or other user-generated content communities to engage in their beloved past-time -- finding images of teenagers.

These users should bear in mind that Reddit is a business and flirts with the mainstream, despite capturing a bit of the 4Chan-like vibe.  And like any business that's looking to appeal average American adults, the last thing it wants to look like is that it's supporting child pornography.  

Reddit restricts users free speech in a variety of ways (as part of the site's "reddiquette") -- including banning posts in all caps and banning correcting users on their grammar (or more aptly, lack therof).

Sources: DailyDot, Gawker

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Was it legal or not?
By The Raven on 10/12/2011 3:20:35 PM , Rating: 2
I have a couple comments (for what it is worth):
The guy in the AC clip says that it was not illegal.
The woman said that she disagreed with him and that it was borderline illegal, very close to that line...Oh wait that is agreeing with him, right. She seems confused. Was the content actually illegal? I don't care to start an investigation but Cooper and these other bufoons should've made it clear one way or the other instead of letting their moral judgements (which I agree with) get in the way of their interpretation of the law and journalism.

Also they laugh at the fact that Reddit calls itself a 'free speech' site and that the owners of the site can at anytime censor anything they wish. I don't see how these 3 adults (though Cooper laughs like a little girl ;-) don't understand that the free speech angle is what they are selling? Yes they can stop it, but that would be like if McD's stopped serving hamburgers. So they have to approach such things carefully. (Though it is nice in my opinion that they did eventually drop the catagory.) I just don't get that they just nonchalantly say that they should 'stop selling hamburgers'. Yes they may need to stop using transfats (all caps) or supersizing (kidde porn), but to dismiss the fact that McD's needs to sell hamburgers is ridiculous. These people don't get it. The 'free speech' angle is there because Reddit wants users to feel like they can say anything they want. That is marketable and has attracted their userbase to this point.

The whole thing just came off as just "Kidde porn is wrong"... well duh! What are the facts AC? And thank you for bringing the site to the attention of perverts all over the US. Wel the site is down, but I'm sure the pervs will have contacts from that site that will last a lifetime. Whatever, I have respect for AC but he is a strange ranger and this story was a pile of crap.

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