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Sprint CEO Dan Hesse   (Source: Mark Costantini/The Chronicle)
Sprint is reportedly committing to purchase 30.5m million iPhones over the next four years

All signs are pointing towards Sprint getting Apple's next generation iPhone, and the official announcement will come tomorrow during Tim Cook's keynote address. However, the price that Sprint will have to pay to join the iPhone brotherhood in the U.S. -- along with fellow wireless carriers AT&T and Verizon -- will be tremendous.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Sprint has agreed to buy 30.5 million iPhones over the next four years from Apple. The price tag for Sprint is a whopping $20 billion USD. Sprint will be subsidizing the cost of each on-contract phone to the tune of $500.
Another risk for the copmany is the fact that Sprint won't even make any money on the deal until at least 2014.
Sprint CEO Dan Hesse approached Sprint's Board of Directors with the deal, and they were understandably hesitant about betting the company on Apple's smartphone prowess. But in the end, the Board felt that it was fighting a losing battle against larger rivals Verizon and AT&T which both have the iPhone. In addition, if AT&T's planned acquisition of T-Mobile were to be approved, its fortunes in the marketplace would be even more dire.
The board eventually decided, "How can we pass this up? We have to have it."

With Sprint's commitment to making unlimited data a priority for its customers (at a time when Verizon and AT&T are putting bandwidth caps on users), such a deal could help bolster Sprint's survival chances in this cutthroat industry.
While Hesse and the Board are definitely onboard with the iPhone deal, investors are less thrilled. Sprint shares closed at $2.73, representing a 10.2 percent drop from the opening bell.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Google Finance

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RE: Leave AT&T/Verizon
By The Raven on 10/3/2011 6:51:13 PM , Rating: 2
Yeah these guys are complaining about not having a lake nearby right after they bought a boat.

I lose Sprint signal in the boondocks. But I don't care because of the low low price that I pay. Just so long as it works in my house and the places I frequent. I don't care if I am connected to the world via phone when I am camping for example.

RE: Leave AT&T/Verizon
By Reclaimer77 on 10/3/2011 8:43:19 PM , Rating: 1
Ever heard of Charlotte N.C? Yeah umm I live a few miles from a massive metropolitan area, so excuse me for assuming a nation wide carrier would have at least decent coverage in my area. If Verizon or AT&T customers had a problem here too, you would have a point. But Sprint is the only carrier with issues. Your analogy is off base and silly, this ain't no boondocks.

You can bash me all you want, but Google searches will tell you all you need to know about Sprint. Great data plan, bad data network.

But they ARE working on it. So there's good news.

RE: Leave AT&T/Verizon
By sigmatau on 10/3/2011 10:21:07 PM , Rating: 2
It's worse in Raleigh/Durham. Maybe it's my phone, but out of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and even Boost, the worst one is by far Sprint. I thought it was my phone but I had someone else test theirs when I was having issues with mine and they couldn't dial out.

Sometimes it will take 5 tries to place a call. This is downtown with 4 bars. Why would I freaking care about going to an unlimited plan from Sprint if I can't even place simple calls consistently?

RE: Leave AT&T/Verizon
By TheRequiem on 10/4/2011 11:35:03 AM , Rating: 2
It's ok, in time, you will learn to join the dark side of the force.

RE: Leave AT&T/Verizon
By Gamingphreek on 10/4/2011 11:45:56 AM , Rating: 2
Your argument is terrible and biased. **Boost IS Sprint with no roaming**

RE: Leave AT&T/Verizon
By TakinYourPoints on 10/3/11, Rating: -1
RE: Leave AT&T/Verizon
By Brandon Hill on 10/4/2011 7:49:07 AM , Rating: 3
Charlotte, NC is a major banking center in the U.S. To mention that Raleigh/Durham is basically Silicon Vally East.

RE: Leave AT&T/Verizon
By Reclaimer77 on 10/4/2011 8:58:56 AM , Rating: 2
Please, don't even dignify his discriminatory antics with a response, Brandon.

RE: Leave AT&T/Verizon
By retrospooty on 10/4/2011 9:32:15 AM , Rating: 2
"Charlotte, NC is a major banking center in the U.S. To mention that Raleigh/Durham is basically Silicon Vally East. "

It is true, these cities are modern and very metro... Reclaimer, however is still an Appalachian Nazi.

RE: Leave AT&T/Verizon
By TakinYourPoints on 10/4/2011 5:00:02 PM , Rating: 2
I didn't say anything about Raleigh/Durham, I'm fully aware of the large tech community over there.

I'll talk smack about Charlotte all I want though. :)

RE: Leave AT&T/Verizon
By The Raven on 10/5/2011 12:12:39 PM , Rating: 2
excuse me for assuming

Sorry I won't. And neither will the court system re: the contract you entered into. If fact, I don't know how you got stuck in such a situation with the softball laws that we have protecting idiot consumers re: carrier contracts. So no, you have no excuse unless there is something I am missing (like you were grandfathered in on a 10 yr contract lol).

And I didn't mean to come across as saying anything disparaging about NC.

I am simply saying that there are some places (could be NYC for all I care) that get good reception on some carriers and not so good/no reception on others. All that matters is that it works where you need it. And if it doesn't work where you need it, then why are you using it and complaining about it. My experience has been great with Sprint while living in NorCal, SoCal and the STL area. If it doesn't work in NC and I lived there then I wouldn't be with Sprint either.

There is either a lake where you live or there isn't. Don't complain if you bought a boat.

"This is from the It's a science website." -- Rush Limbaugh

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