HP claims that it is nabbing Dell's large business customers

Hewlett-Packard contends that is doing some damage to Dell's dominance in the direct PC sales business. It was recently reported by DailyTech that Dell's US market share dipped from 32% to 29.8% in the first quarter while HP saw its share rise to 18.5% (possibly due to the removal of one CEO).

HP Vice President of Personal Systems Alberto Bozzo states that his company is providing a higher quality of service to its large business customers and that's the reasoning behind its recent sales surge. From CNET:

"We are displacing Dell in most of the bigger and strategic accounts. Most of our large customers are dissatisfied customers from Dell. They were dissatisfied with the services that haven't been delivered, delivery times and with the quality of the product. Customers are asking to buy directly from us because of the quality of service of the direct relationship," Bozzo said.

Not surprisingly, Dell takes issue with any claims that HP is encroaching into its portfolio of large business customers. "According to IDC results for the fourth quarter in 2005, Dell held a 44.4 percent share of PCs shipped to large business customers (those with greater than 500 employees) in the U.S., compared to HP's 21.9 percent," stated Dean Cline, a senior Manager at Dell.

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