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The DOE plans to focus more on EVs in the future   (Source: Tesla Motors)
The Quadrennial Technology Review will be used to steer spending for fiscal 2013, and a budget proposal will be released in 2012

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released a new "Quadrennial Technology Review," which reveals the government's alternative energy plans for fiscal 2013.

The Quadrennial Technology Review pushes alternative energy technology that can be commercialized in a 10-year period, and according to its first report, the DOE wants to focus more of its $3 billion research budget on the adoption of electric vehicles and the modernization of the power grid.

The review noted that the DOE "underinvested" in transportation in fiscal 2011, where only 26 percent of spending was dedicated to this particular area. Nine percent went to electric vehicles in fiscal 2011, 4 percent went to adding fuel efficiency to vehicles, and the rest went to alternative fuels.

"Currently, DOE focuses too much effort on researching technologies that are multiple generations away from practical use," said The Quadrennial Technology Review.

The DOE now plans to concentrate on advanced biofuels as well as "technology that does not require new fuel-station infrastructure."

Much of fiscal 2011's budget was devoted to clean electricity at 51 percent of spending, but in addition to transportation, the DOE will put aside more funding in the future for the modernization of the power grid, carbon capture/storage research, building and factory efficiency and technology that can be operated using less water like wind and solar photovoltaic.

The DOE is currently facing scrutiny for a government loan to solar company Solyndra, which recently filed for bankruptcy. The government reportedly knew the company was destined to fail, according to emails the FBI found when raiding Solyndra in early September. The Quadrennial Technology Review does not address loan guarantees private-sector companies, which was a $180 million program in fiscal 2011.

Source: Automotive News

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By Cerin218 on 10/2/2011 2:14:16 PM , Rating: 2
As opposed to the collectivist thought that as much money should be spent on things they find important regardless of the amount and regardless of the sustainability and regardless of glaring logic flaws. "Green" energy is a perfect example. Look at Ethanol. It costs more to produce, causes more pollution than it offsets to produce, and uses a food source as a fuel source. Where is the sustainability of that. If it weren't for the government stealing my money to give to the producers, there wouldn't be any producers. Yet Nuts like you think green is great

The fact you believe that Cap and Trade will be positive for you kind of speaks to how steeped in logic fail you are. Companies should have incentive not to pollute, not be told they can pollute as much as they want as long as they pay for it. The only people that will find it "profitable" are the people running it. I.E. your corrupt leadership.

Lots of us believe that "climate change" (notice the name had to be changed because the earth us actually cooling) might possibly have something to it, but when the very scientists are caught red handed lying about it, how do we trust their data? Earth is billions of years old. Do I really believe that people can do all this in less than a hundred years? The Sahara used to be a rain forest in the past, why is it desert now? Because the earth changes. But you can't prove man is causing it any more than I can prove they can't. Difference between us is that I don't want to impose my standpoint on you in a way that will cost you the resources you work hard for. Unlike people like you that believe something and feel we should all be burdened for it until it is resolved to your satisfaction.

Democrats exist because they prey on the weak and stupid.

"We basically took a look at this situation and said, this is bullshit." -- Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng's take on patent troll Soverain

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