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Samsung and Apple, the world's top two phone manufacturers are locked in a court battle that's threatening their supplier-client relationship.  (Source: Into Mobile/AP)

Ultimately Samsung's device business -- whose revenue grew 500 percent last quarter -- is more valuable to it then its fast-growing (but not THAT fast growing) supplier business.
Analysts suggests Apple's customers may hardly notice the difference, even if they're paying more

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RE: Silly
By jiffylube1000 on 9/27/2011 6:35:36 PM , Rating: 2
There's nobody else in the industry like Samsung, and nobody out there who they can "bring [up to] the level of Samsung". Toshiba and TSMC are already huge companies; it's not like an order from Apple will suddenly make them an industry leader in CPU or NAND flash technology overnight.

Apple's options for their CPU's are basically TSMC, Texas Instruments, and a few others. Their options for NAND flash are more varied, and include Toshiba whom they are rumoured to be courting, as well as Intel (wouldn't that be interesting) and other flash manufacturers.

However, there is no other competitor out there like Samsung who, top to bottom, make the CPU, RAM, phone and even customized OS (TouchWiz) like Samsung does.

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