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Circle Launcher is the App Store for Android's free app du jour.  (Source:
There's a minor catch, but you can't beat free android apps

I have one of the original EVO 4G phones from HTC Corp. (SEO:066570) on the Sprint Nextel Corp. (S) network.  Having come from a BlackBerry Storm on Verizon Communication, Inc.'s (VZ) (my third Storm piece of hardware, having lost two to warranty-covered rebooting-related deaths), I have nothing but good things to say about the EVO as a smart phone and Sprint's network performance.  

In the midwest area (Chicago, Detroit, etc.) my dropped calls on Sprint have been lower than on Verizon (again this is just my personal experience), and the phone 4G has performed will in California and Las Vegas, Nevada, on trips.  My monthly bills are much down from Verizon's (even when you subtract the Blackberry data fee).  

And after multiple drops over the last year with no extra case onto concrete, from several feet (on the edges, mind you), my EVO 4G is happy as a clam sans some minor scuffing on the edges.  Good thing I didn't have an IPhone 4 or my screen would be toast.  And Sprint/HTC did a good job rolling out the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update relatively early.  About the only complaint I have about the EVO is the poor battery life... but that's a different story.

Getting to my point, as much as I love my EVO and Sprint, perhaps the best thing I've discovered for Android of late is actually, Inc.'s (AMZN) one free paid app per day giveaway.  I wrote about the Amazon App Store for Android a few months back, and I had assumed that the free Angry Birds Rio I got was a one-and-done deal.

Much to my amazement I recently poked into the store and realize they've been offering one free paid app a day!!  This may be old news to some of you (sorry), but for those who haven't take advantage of this check it out.

All you have to do is get App Store for Android (download here) and then enroll in Amazon's One-Click-Purchase program.  That's a bit of an annoying catch as I hate having that associated with my account as I prefer the multiple levels of purchase warnings.  But I've relented -- the free apps are just too tempting to get hung up on that catch.

Most of the free apps are games, but some are utilities.  For example today I downloaded CircleLauncher, typically $1, but today (Saturday) free.  It brings that circle app launching look of the Sony Walkman phone to your everyday Android (sort of).

And with Apple, Inc. (AAPL) trying (somewhat unsuccessfully thus far) to ban's App Store, it seems like a good thing to support if you like freedom in the market.

Anyhow, I was pretty excited to discover this and am going to be sure to download my free app per day.  I wanted to share it with you guys, in case some of you Android fans out there hadn't caught wind of it yet.  Enjoy!

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No! Free Amazon App a day is Not Yours!
By GortToday on 9/26/2011 9:02:10 AM , Rating: 0
I too downloaded the free angry birds and some other apps such as a compass to use when backpacking in the wilderness. With the Amazon apps YOU MUST MAINTAIN A PHONE LINK TO AMAZON AD SERVERS TO USE THE APPS. You don't get to use them at all unless you have phone service and the Amazon advertising app active. You are borrowing the apps, Amazon is not giving them away. Not a good situation if you travel to areas that have no phone service! When the Amazon app crashed, I uninstalled it and lost all of the so-called free apps they had "given" to me.

By invidious on 9/26/2011 1:29:28 PM , Rating: 2
If developers are concerned with lost revinue they need to get Google to deal with side loading. Android is probably the easiest platform to pirate on, ever. Just consider high speed internet distribution and the built in system option to completely dissable software certificate verification. I expect IceCream Sandwich to at least attempt to deal with the issue.

Although I expect any attempts to control the platform to be circumvented by the user developement community even faster than is seen in the IOS community. The platform is just too simple, which is by design. You can't make an OS run as efficiently as possible on a resource starved platform without sacrificing security. Also the developement community is simply too devoted and too knowledgeable. There are too many people out there who care too much to sneak something simple by them.

There doesn't even seem to be room to punish rooters with courts acting to legitimize a user's rights to root / jailbreak their property. What are you going to do? Ban them from the App store that they dont use?

We may only see piracy security in the mobile realm once hardware catches up to a point where making devices with excessively powerful hardware for their normal use is as cheap as we see in the PC realm today. Even then the most they can hope for is making piracy inconvinient enough that only the enthusiast will be able to understand how to do it. They will then have to resign their target market to the remaining average users, which is where all the money is anyway.

In any event, Amazon is not the problem developers need to worry about. And I think they know that, otherwise they wouldn't be releasing their Apps on that marketplace.

By tate1293 on 9/27/2011 11:16:45 AM , Rating: 2
Not sure where you're getting this from, but I have downloaded over 100 of these free apps and use them all the time when I have no service.

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