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The draft law would require ISPs to "blacklist" citizens who are only suspected of copyright, patent or trademark infringement, and if ISPs are not compliant with the law, they could be held liable under civil law

While the U.S. recently rolled out a six strikes plan for copyright enforcement by internet service providers (ISPs), Italy has taken this a step further by drafting an anti-piracy law that would require ISPs to use filters against copyright, patent or trademark infringements that fall under the terms of the law -- or users could lose their internet access after only one strike.

Earlier this year, the UN's Human Rights Council released a report that said internet access is a human right. It went on to say that the disconnection of internet users is something that should be repealed, but nevertheless, Italy is trying to move its bill along.

TorrentFreak reports that the bill, consisting of proposed changes to Italy's e-commerce directive, was drafted by members of the parliament belonging to the ll Popolo della Libertà (PdL) party of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi this past July. 

The draft law has many ISPs and Italian citizens worried. Paolo Brini, a spokesperson for a movement committed to copyright reform called ScambioEtico, confirmed this one strike internet law, saying that Italian citizens could be disconnected from the internet entirely if the ISP filter picks up an alleged copyright, patent or trademark infringement. 

"Some parts of the draft law are clearly not applicable in real life, while others have the power to crumble ISPs and hosting e-commerce," said Brini. "It is very interesting to note that this draft law is compliant to one of the older versions of ACTA, the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.

"I firmly think that this is a 'green light' toward one-strike disconnections for any kind of infringement, not only disconnections for industrial property rights infringements."

The draft law would require ISPs to "blacklist" citizens who are only suspected of copyright, patent or trademark infringement. If 
ISPs are not compliant with the law, they could be held liable under civil law. 

One serious issue is that the text in question rules out any judiciary steps when it comes to copyright infringement on the internet. It could harm both ISPs, who would be 
civilly and criminally responsible in these cases, as well as citizens who would be "organs of the police" according to ICT lawyer Fulvio Sarzana.

While it's possible that the bill could go nowhere and eventually be forgotten, Brini and Sarzana say it is progressing unusually quickly for a law that was not drafted by the government. 

Marietje Schaake, member of the European Parliament, has asked the EU Commission if Italy can legally enact a bill that allows for only one strike and your out. 

"Via the press, it has come to my attention that the Italian Parliament is currently considering a draft law by which internet users can be disconnected and blacklisted if they have been accused on an intellectual property infringement. The accusation does not necessarily need to originate from the rights holder of the work in question." 

Schaake also noted that the new draft law violates many EU laws.

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RE: Really?
By TSS on 9/23/2011 11:46:58 AM , Rating: 3
I know i'll get withdrawl because it's already happened. My internet cable outside my building got damaged during some construction work and i had to go without internet for 2 weeks and a day. since i've got digital television, my TV didn't work for the same period as well.

First you'll feel restless and anxious. After a while you'll get physical headaches and go into a state of depression. After bout a week and a half, you'll actually start going crazy. Simply because in the real world there is nothing that can give you as much information in as little time as internet does. Reading a book, playing real world games, watching movies stored on your PC.... nothing makes you think as hard as fast as digital stuff.

I'm not sure i can classify it as withdrawl either. It's more like hunger. I quit smoking 2 weeks ago, so i know withdrawl from drugs and it's different. Once your mentally prepared for it, dealing with the physical consequences is easy. Basically if you don't mind sweating your not gonna have problems quitting smoking.

But quitting the internet feels like quitting food. Your body needs the constant stream of information just as much as it needs food to survive. My entire brain has adapted around dealing with large volumes of impulses in short periods of time. I'd almost call it reverse epilepsi when that input is taken away.

I've quit smoking twice now. I consider it no big deal. But quitting the internet, even for a month.... i'm not even going to attempt it. Too afraid of the consequences.

Take it from me, internet SHOULDN'T BE a human right, even if it is. It's dangerous and should be handled with care. I'm seriously not even sure what to do with my kids (once i have them) and internet. Do i introduce them at an early age, making sure they have an advantage in the digital age, or do i keep them away from internet so they can still function without it?

I can't function without internet anymore. To be fair - i always used to have a fast and troubled mind so for me it's been a godsend, i've never been good at being bored anyway. But with kids... i don't know. all i can say is "be responsible". Make sure they can handle boredom. God knows i sure can't.

"I modded down, down, down, and the flames went higher." -- Sven Olsen

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