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Microsoft's Growing Search Loses  (Source: CNN)
Bing may never turn a profit

Microsoft has been trying to compete in the search market with its Bing engine and hasn't been doing well. Google is still the runaway king of search and Microsoft is showing little signs of offering up meaningful competition.

Microsoft is taking a beating with Bing, and CNN reports that the search engine is losing Microsoft almost a 
billion dollars per quarter. Since Bing launched in the summer of 2009, Microsoft has lost $5.5 billion on the service and the losses are flowing faster than ever today.

Not all of the losses can be blamed on Bing though. Apparently, Microsoft has never made money on its search offerings. Since it embarked into search arena, the total mount thrown away amounts to $9 billion.

Bing has 14.7% of the search market and is proud to proclaim it is gaining on Google and has taken share from the search giant. CNN, however, points out that the gain Bing has made in the search market is in fact not coming from Google, but third place Yahoo. Since Bing launched, Google has lost market share slightly from 65% at Bing's debut to 64.8% today.

Half of the gains Bing has made came from Yahoo according to CNN and the rest of the gains came from and AOL.

Microsoft is looking to build its market share with partnerships for search with Facebook and with Nokia. Microsoft and Nokia are tying up for a big push into the smartphone market with Nokia being a premiere Windows Phone 7 partner. 

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RE: Who's cooking the books?
By skibum415 on 9/23/2011 4:02:56 AM , Rating: 0
This is exactly why I use for all searches now. I am a former Google user and know Bing may be able to improve on some of their results but 9.9/10 I find what I need on the first shot with and I am not inundated with ads.

Your request has been granted with Bing regarding reviews. I've been looking for memory, SSD’s the past few weeks, and it is great I go to, click 'Shopping' at the top, and type in what I'm looking for. It will display filters on the left, sorting on top, but the best part is you can "compare" up to 10 items where most sites only permit five. The icing on the cake is hovering over each item results in display box with ratings stars as well as how many people have provided reviews.

It took a while to move completely over but once I found Google getting a little too touchy (I wrote an e-mail to someone in South Korea and the next search I did magically had ads asking if I wanted to search flights from my local airport to Seoul, South Korea). I am all for narrowing down results but reading e-mail is a bit much and I am off everything except for one service.


RE: Who's cooking the books?
By B3an on 9/23/2011 1:38:17 PM , Rating: 1
I find many Bing areas to be better than Google. Infact Google has recently copied Bing in areas, like the way image searches are now displayed.

RE: Who's cooking the books?
By JonnyDough on 9/23/2011 3:02:22 PM , Rating: 2
Bing certainly has come a long way with filtering/sorting options. In fact, Google could be just a bit better at these things IMO. I'd have to check, but does their shopping feature still say "beta" on it?

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