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New CEO Tim Cook (L) and former CEO Steve Jobs (R)
No Steve Jobs? No problem!

When Steve Jobs announced that he was resigning as CEO of Apple last month, many wondered how the market would respond to the news. With Tim Cook at the helm as the new CEO of Apple, investors need not worry -- in fact, Apple's stock is performing better than ever.

AAPL hit a high of $411.85 today and is now hovering around the $410 mark with just under an hour left before trading ends today. The stock is up 2.4 percent today while the overall market is down 1.28 percent. 

Apple Inc. now has a market cap of $380 billion compared to $355 billion for Exxon Mobile Corporation.

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Oh S**T
By gwem557 on 9/19/2011 3:43:55 PM , Rating: 5
Everyone put your rain gear on. Tony Swashtika will be along soon to splooge on everyone.

RE: Oh S**T
By Sazabi19 on 9/19/2011 4:12:50 PM , Rating: 2
Lord Job's sex life is good... because of Tim Cook :P" I think they are butt buddies.

RE: Oh S**T
By Tony Swash on 9/20/11, Rating: 0
"This week I got an iPhone. This weekend I got four chargers so I can keep it charged everywhere I go and a land line so I can actually make phone calls." -- Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

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