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New CEO Tim Cook (L) and former CEO Steve Jobs (R)
No Steve Jobs? No problem!

When Steve Jobs announced that he was resigning as CEO of Apple last month, many wondered how the market would respond to the news. With Tim Cook at the helm as the new CEO of Apple, investors need not worry -- in fact, Apple's stock is performing better than ever.

AAPL hit a high of $411.85 today and is now hovering around the $410 mark with just under an hour left before trading ends today. The stock is up 2.4 percent today while the overall market is down 1.28 percent. 

Apple Inc. now has a market cap of $380 billion compared to $355 billion for Exxon Mobile Corporation.

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Sell Time
By Flunk on 9/19/2011 3:24:20 PM , Rating: 3
I recommend selling now. It's unlikely that Apple will continue this momentum indefinitely. Better to get out now, wait for the fall and then buy back in.

RE: Sell Time
By quiksilvr on 9/19/2011 3:33:30 PM , Rating: 2
That's basic stock market mentality. Sell when its high, buy when its low before bounce back.

RE: Sell Time
By vol7ron on 9/19/2011 7:40:26 PM , Rating: 2
WTF why is this news on DailyTech?

RE: Sell Time
By Uncle on 9/19/2011 8:43:44 PM , Rating: 2
Its a fine line when it comes to infomercials. Lots of it going on.

RE: Sell Time
By BSMonitor on 9/20/2011 9:10:15 AM , Rating: 2
Because it's a tech site, and a tech company is #1 in the world. It was news when Microsoft was it. When Cisco was up there.


Sell? Before the launch of two new products that will surely pull in insane amounts of hype and sales... Uhhh, ok.

RE: Sell Time
By TheDoc9 on 9/20/2011 2:04:54 PM , Rating: 2
There's a lot of hype on these boards about this stock. Anyone fairly new to investing should be careful. There are a lot of people interested in keeping this stock propped up from jo blo garage investor to wallstreet powerhouses.

They'll keep riding the wave and posting on boards like these because it's in their interest.

Apple has been experiencing growth for the better part of a decade, and they just lost a key person responsible for it.

Shares are so expensive that you'd have to invest tens of thousands to see any kind of meaningful return. Remember that no matter what the news and no matter how good the outlook may seem, wallstreet is a casino with different interests beyond what you read about on yahoo finance. It's just as likely the stock will fall.

RE: Sell Time
By michael2k on 9/20/2011 5:09:29 PM , Rating: 2
No, it's not "just as likely the stock will fall".

There is a strong correlation between stock performance and company performance. If the company's profit grows, the stock follows, and if the company's profit stalls or falls, the stock drops.

It may take a while for the information to propagate, but it will. People are cautious to buy, quick to sell. So long as Apple remains more profitable next year than this year the stock will maintain it's extremely high price and any drop is a good reason to buy unless the drop has to do with flat profit.

RE: Sell Time
By mindless1 on 9/21/2011 8:34:41 PM , Rating: 2
While the stock may not fall in the next few quarters, it is inevitable that Apple's stock value will decrease unless they diversify away from high margin, first-to-market devices.

Think about it, there aren't that many new *products* to get to market first and while apple had "sleek" on their side, miniaturization continues and everyone will be sleek soon, everyone will have ample features, but only apple will be pricing themselves out of the market.

Premium price is paid by early adopters and sheeple. Problem is, once they aren't early adopter type devices anymore, the sheeple scramble unable to discern a reason why they would pay a premium for the apple brand.

It's happened before with PCs (IBM), phones (blackberry), and we have to assume the same will occur with tablets.

Apple is constrained to use hardware the rest of the industry develops. They can't pull magic out of a hat for much longer and remember, their rise with personal mobile devices hinged on an very short transition period in history, not within a mature established market.

Market stability is measured in quarters these days. Look at HP.

RE: Sell Time
By michael2k on 9/22/2011 12:29:41 PM , Rating: 2
It's not inevitable that the stock value will decrease unless they diversify away from high margin, first to market devices.

What you're saying is they need to move to lower margin mass market devices, and that is no guarantee that their stock value will increase.

The hard question is if there are still high margin products Apple can continue to grow into. If there are then Apple's growth will continue.

One huge market you seem to have missed is the PC market. 450m PCs are sold a year at about $600 to $1200 that Apple doesn't tap into. The ASP for the Mac is $1400. Roughly that means there's 400m PCs sold a year Apple isn't profiting from.

Guess what? They can now sell a $500 to $800 device. Imagine if they slapped a keyboard onto it and sell it for $600 to $900. That's a huge untapped market going forward in the next decade.

Apple is absolutely constrained to use hardware the rest of the industry develops. The key is that due to their large warchest, they can tap into the hardware a year or two before everyone else does and lock up the market.

They've successfully done so for over a decade now: iPod, with the 1.8" HDD, iPod with the 1" HDD, Flash for iPods, iPhones, shuffles, iPads, and MBAs, multitouch screens for iPhones and iPads, high resolution screens for iPhones and iPod touches, etc.

Much longer is the question, yes? They've done it since 2001. What makes you think 2012 is going to be different?

RE: Sell Time
By mindless1 on 9/22/2011 6:33:04 PM , Rating: 2
I didn't claim it would happen as soon as 2012, but the difference is they are running out of *new* devices and features that people are willing to pay a premium for.

Technology gains are making the features worth the price premium, cheaper to implement and those subsets of features, while they were adopted earlier by Apple, are now going to trickle down to lower cost manufacturers.

I realize you don't understand, and I am done discussing it because it's silly, I was making a prediction and will be proven correct over the course of time without any need to prove it to you.

RE: Sell Time
By Tony Swash on 9/19/11, Rating: 0
RE: Sell Time
By Pirks on 9/19/2011 4:23:06 PM , Rating: 2
Apple are doomed!
Hey Tony, post your famous TAC blurb here, guys gonna like it, har har har *evil grin*

RE: Sell Time
By Mitch101 on 9/19/2011 9:11:49 PM , Rating: 2
I will admit I was one of those and I was wrong - Im quite surprised that the stock has remained resilient/rebounded despite Steve Jobs full resignation. The future product lineup to me appears weak with lots of competition coming from all angles and that may take a few quarters showing decline in profits to grab investors attention.

I dont know how the iPad will face falling prices of Android based tablets especially with Amazon coming with a very competitive priced device. I wont include Microsoft until I see what they have to offer. If a price war begins then I believe the iPad will decline sharply. Amazon might be the first to get it that you need to compete on price.

I certainly feel the iPhone has jumped the shark and that Android has surpassed it. I do feel the Windows Phone 7 is the best and most stable device on the market and that will be especially true with Windows Mango. Im not preaching cancer cures with Windows Phone 7 its been the most stable smartphone OS since launch. I see iPhone 5 generating some buzz but dont feel its enough to stop Android.

RE: Sell Time
By silverblue on 9/20/2011 2:41:10 AM , Rating: 2
Perhaps, however Apple has less products to promote and consequently more money to do so, so it's not as if Apple are going to go away. There will be far more promotion for the iPhone 5 than, say, the Galaxy S III next year, and despite its price, the iPad will still outsell cheaper products such as the rather interesting Archos G9 series due over the next month or so.

I'm not sure if Apple have hit a plateau just yet, but they can't keep growing forever, especially if Samsung et al get their teeth into them on more than one front.

RE: Sell Time
By Kiffberet on 9/20/2011 7:24:00 AM , Rating: 2
if only 0.5% of the 1.3 billion people in China buy an iphone/ipad, thats another 6.5 million sales.

Some might argue that growth is only about to start...

RE: Sell Time
By mindless1 on 9/21/2011 8:45:05 PM , Rating: 2
OR if China exports a decent clone or alternative iDevice that could cut sales by more.

One thing is for certain. The price of well featured, portable communication devices, tablets, etc, is going to drop and drop hard. That essentially cuts Apple's market to early adopters again unless they accept slashed profit margins.

Even now many iPhone owners are thinking to themselves "I like my toy but damn it's expensive to have a *phone* these days compared to what it used to cost.

For now, they marvel at being able to get on facebook. Months pass and they realize, facebook isn't going anywhere, they don't need facebook as much as facebook (and apple) needs them.

RE: Sell Time
By michael2k on 9/22/2011 12:05:17 PM , Rating: 2
What are you talking about? The cost to have an Android phone is the same as an iPhone, since data is data and voice is voice.

The up front cost may be higher, of course, but that's always been the case for Apple products for decades, and it hasn't hurt them at all.

If an iPhone owner is thinking to themselves it's expensive, so would Android and Windows Phone users, too.

RE: Sell Time
By mindless1 on 9/22/2011 6:29:58 PM , Rating: 2
Android and Windows 7 phone manufacturers won't be able to charge a premium for those in the future either.

The "cost to have"? You mean use. That's entirely up to the owner. You can't really make a reasonable comparison like that, it would be like suggesting that if a $100K car and $20K car get the same gas mileage, that they cost the same "to have".

RE: Sell Time
By TakinYourPoints on 9/19/2011 3:51:18 PM , Rating: 2
If you're a swing trader, absolutely. The $360 range is a very solid area to buy into should it go back there.

If you're a normal buy-and-holder and you already own shares, just sit on them. If you're looking to buy in, wait.

RE: Sell Time
By pxavierperez on 9/20/11, Rating: 0
RE: Sell Time
By silverblue on 9/20/2011 2:32:35 AM , Rating: 2
And you decided to lower yourself to say that?

RE: Sell Time
By robinthakur on 9/20/2011 4:48:43 AM , Rating: 2
Actually, the yearly trend is that the stock keeps rising right upto the next iPhone announcement at the end of this month (AKA the Rapture), so I'd hold for now. The notion of a single share being $400 is hilarious in comparison with the UK markets :)

"There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

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