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We attended Intel's cooling presentation this morning.

Intel's engineer complains that Apple is more concerned about making its products pretty than fixing their overheating problems.
What can Intel do to stop companies like Apple from selling overheating designs? "Nothing", presenter says.

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RE: Of course not
By B3an on 9/15/2011 4:16:53 PM , Rating: 2

So it's Flash causing all these over heating CakBooks right? Even though on PC laptops it's bizarrely fine and does not overheat. Ever. How could this possibly be??

If a laptop overheats using ANY software it's a design flaw. Not debatable. All other WELL designed laptops do not overheat no matter what you run. And theres FAR more demanding stuff than Flash out there.

Also Flash's Stage Video which has been around since Flash 10.2 uses LESS CPU usage than HTML5 video. It's the best in class video performance. Also try running Apples own HTML5 demo's on a Macbook Air or iPad. 100% CPU usage on iPad and a frame rate lower than 10 FPS. Battery is drained in no time and heats the thing up. Yet a slower clocked Android phone can run the same stuff in Flash and hit 60 FPS. HTML5 is worser than Flash at many things. But being an Apple user i dont expect you to actually be educated with anything regarding technology.

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