Assistant feature is missing according to source

A new spat of rumors have surfaced about Apple and the iOS 5 operating system that has been widely talked about in the last few months.  Apple has yet to make any official statements on when iOS 5 will be complete. There have been beta versions of the OS seeded to developers before and some of the iOS 5 details in the wild come from these developers.

The latest word on iOS 5 is that the operating system is almost complete and that it is in carrier testing. 9to5Mac cites sources that are participating in the testing that say the testing for iOS 5 is very much like the testing for iOS 4 last year. One thing that is interesting is that the carriers are also being trained on iCloud. That signals that iOS 5 and iCloud are very closely tied together.

That is no surprise given that many iCloud features are based on iOS and features of iOS 5 rely on iCloud connectivity. The training material was developed with assistance from Apple and reportedly has both video and PDF files. If the tip that training is underway with carriers is true then the official announcement of availability may not be far away.

9to5Mac also reports that some of Apple's most important carriers also have versions of iOS 5 in hand for testing. One person claiming to be in on the iOS 5 testing with the carriers notes that the software is fast, stable, and very polished indicating that it is very near launch ready, if not already set for launch. One of the key features reportedly specifically being tested is FaceTime over 3G. The feature is being tested, but it's not clear if it will be offered to end users. The iPhone had tethering capability long before the feature was offered.

The OS in testing also has the Nuance dictation speech-to-text feature that has been talked about before. It is very similar to the system Android smartphones have and works very well according to sources. One thing missing from the build in testing is the system wide Assistant feature according to the source. It’s not clear if the feature has been cut or simply left out to keep it secret until the official announcement.

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